Will we have 2 ECCC badge sales next year?

21 OCTOBER 2019

This Wednesday, 23 October at noon PST, tickets and hotels for Emerald City Comic Con go live. In some ways, this ticket sale will be exactly what you're used to. You can buy a 4-day package for $145 or buy each day separately for slightly more.

But - plot twist! This year, ECCC has come out with "premium packages" for the dedicated fan who also has a little extra cash to burn. While these packages are intriguing in themselves, what really interests me is that each promises "Access to 2021 Advanced Ticket Presale." That's explained further as "2020 Premium badge holders will have first access to ECCC 2021 tickets Cost." (No typos - that's exactly what it says.)

In other words, much like NYCC, we're apparently looking at two ECCC badge sales next year - but instead of dividing between last year's attendees and the general public, it will be between premium attendees and the rest of us. Yes, just when you decide you really don't need a fancy overpriced premium ticket, you realize you probably will need to buy one if you want to lock down 2021. Tricky, tricky, ReedPop.

These packages include:
  • Celebrity Fan - $299: private lounge at the Hyatt, reserved seating for 2 Main Stage panels, fast pass for photo ops and autographs, various merch.
  • Comic Fan - $275: private lounge by Artists' Alley, early access to the floor, advance access to guests, various merch.
  • Family - $350: good for 2 adults and 4 kids. Again, access to a private family lounge, food vouchers, some early access, merch discounts.
I don't know how I feel about this. I fully support premium packages that offer perks like reserved seating. The idea that I'm handicapped for next year's badge sale unless I pony up is annoying. I don't really care about private lounges and I'm long past the race-for-the-floor stage. So while I initially decided to roll out for the Comic Fan package, doubts are beginning to creep in. I'm curious how others feel about it?

If you're on the fence for the entire show, remember that Lyte is there to relieve you of your tickets, should life interfere. Tragically, this was me last year - and Lyte made the whole process very easy. Presumably it's just as easy to await tickets for sale as well. So if you find yourself on either end of that exchange, whether you can't go or you didn't buy tickets in time, you should be fine.

That said, don't bank on tickets being turned in. If you really want to be at Emerald City in March, be in that queue on Wednesday. Badges will go very quickly. Make sure you lock down your hotel room as well.

I'll live blog the sale Wednesday, with an eye on which tickets sell out first, the general or premium.  Stay tuned.

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