Returning Reg is happening

12 OCTOBER 2019

9:54 am

Well. That was one of the smoothest badge sales ever. I worked with a small local group this year and we did quite well. My ancient (but badge sale-lucky) laptop that wheezes like an old man died at 8:53 a.m.. Ominous, but I was able to adapt and I got a Preview Night badge faster than I could believe. Then it seemed like nothing happened for a while. People were saying badges must be going slowly... but ultimately it didn't seem radically off from previous years. Someone in my group was able to buy all 4 days at 9:40 am, right before Saturday sold out, apparently. If you remember the horror show days where people regularly got booted out of the system or the whole shebang would crash, you have to admit CCI is running a decent operation now.

Most everyone I spoke to online/texted got badges but there were a few sad nerds today. If that's you, buck up and do what you have to do to prevail in Open Reg - which probably isn't far away.

How did your morning go?

8:24 am

The day we've been waiting for is here! Hope you are not sleep deprived and over caffeinated like I am, and you're approaching this with some semblance of calm and perspective. But probably you're just as anxious as everyone else.

Problems so far: nothing terrible that I've heard, other than a resolved issue with getting kicked out of the waiting room. I'll keep posting what I hear. Share what's happening to you!

Are you ready, steady?

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