We may be facing a Foxless Comic-Con

28 APRIL 2016

Remember last year's furor over Marvel "skipping" San Diego Comic-Con? (For those of you who are new to our ways: when people speak of a brand sitting out or skipping SDCC, they're usually referring to its big splashy Hollywood panels, not comics and action figures, etc.)

Well, now Fox is allegedly too delicate to come join us this summer and the reason is piracy.  "The studio feels it cannot prevent the piracy of custom trailers and exclusive footage routinely screened for fans in attendance." No, not that! Why, the very idea of a Hall H trailer making its way onto YouTube.

So that's the problem; studios are outraged by their "carefully prepared" SDCC trailers leaking into the public, as happened with Suicide Squad and Deadpool. And CCI is disappointed too; David Glanzer says, "This leak not only violates the trust of Comic-Con and the studios but each of the attendees who respect the bond we have long held." Raise your hand if you feel violated.

I guess we'll just see about all of this. With SDCC coming up fast, studio panel and marketing plans are indeed solidifying so we should have a firmer idea soon of who will and won't dazzle us. (Rumor has it Disney will be gone too or at least scale back.) The Fox panel is always hotly anticipated and I know plenty of attendees will be bummed at its absence. Smaller plans will still proceed, it sounds like, but if you were yearning to see 131 seconds of Assassin's Creed footage, you may be out of luck. No word yet on if you'll be able to bounce around its huge obstacle course again.

The Killing Joke trailer is out

27 APRIL 2016

The good news: The Killing Joke looks as good as we hoped it would be. The announcement of new material (mainly pertaining to Barbara Gordon) made a few people twitchy, and the animation has its detractors, but it looks like the sound and overall feel of the film will align with the book.

The bad news: This is going to be ridiculously popular at SDCC, and probably not as easy to get into as most of the nighttime screenings and premieres. This will definitely be an anchor panel/event for me and probably tons of other attendees.

Three months from today, San Diego Comic-Con will already be over. That's kind of unsettling, right?

Emerald City Comicon is 2-5 March 2017

25 APRIL 2016

ECCC sure does like to bounce its dates around. We're back to March for 2017 and it's early March: specifically the 2nd - 5th. If you're curious how that stacks up against other Cons, WonderCon is 31 March - 2 April (back in Anaheim) and Silicon Valley Comic Con is TBA.

Oh and if you're curious about the Comic Con shuffle that seems to be going on in California, the official reason that WonderCon is headed back to Anaheim is just a scheduling thing, nothing more. And LA is still hungrily eyeing both WonderCon for the future AND San Diego Comic-Con for when its contract expires after 2018: Mayor Garcetti says that certain changes are afoot that will make LA especially appealing to CCI - and us.

What changes? "Redoing the entire convention center" for one (which presumably won't involve a city-wide battle involving feisty DAs, calculating developers, football teams and hotel taxes) and "new hotels, new attractions" like Harry Potter. I think LA already has plenty to offer, but his point is probably that LA will be able to accommodate our incessant demands for restaurants, transportation, ginormous auditoriums, overnight lines and hotel rooms that aren't $1000 a night.

The future: it's happening. And hopefully it won't be as brutal as our present when it comes to online sales and the general limitations of SDCC.

Everyone can see Hall H panels.... kind of

13 APRIL 2016

Today unleashed one of those announcements that was so deeply SDCC; exciting news laced with a disappointing caveat. Here it is if you missed it: that very special Con streaming service we've all anticipated WILL include Hall H panels - but not live.

Are you excited about this? Do you care terribly if the streaming is delayed and not in the moment? If the footage and trailers are missing, is it still worth it? Or will you head for YouTube to see someone's sneaky recording?

From Seth Laderman of Comic-Con HQ: "We're not going to be live streaming anything because we really don't want to take away that experience of people who are the first to see and be there for it, but we can put things up shortly after."

At first glance, I can agree with that. Ride or die attendees who sacrifice meals and comfortable beds to wait for Hall H panels should definitely be rewarded. But... isn't the experience of being there live enough? Hearing the deafening applause and hollers and watching those exciting trailers? Why do you need to exclude people at home to make that feeling more special?

(And let's be honest - for many attendees, the waiting in line IS an enjoyable part of the experience. They can bond with their friends, people love meeting the attendees around them, and it can be a welcome opportunity to just plunk down and relax for a while.)

io9 takes another stance, saying that if the panels are streamed live, "standing in line (and paying money for tickets and hotels) starts to feel like a waste.)" Anyone who's experienced that incredible rush of Hall H energy will probably disagree with that, I would think. But what do I know? I've been skipping Hall H for a few years now so I'll wait to hear what its devotees think.

Comic-Con HQ's free beta goes live on 7 May; maybe that will take away some of the lingering sting of the hotel disaster. Because there's no doubt about it - we are definitely entering San Diego Comic-Con season.

SDCC hotel deposit deadline extended to 14 April

12 APRIL 2016

As those of us who got a hotel last week know, we were supposed to pay the 2 night deposit this past weekend. Leaving aside the question of picking a date when On Peak is closed, it sparked a bit of a scramble for people trying to trade reservations - which gets more complicated after the deposit is paid.

The deadline is now 14 April - 11:59 pm PT. So it's kind of good that people can still keep working their connections (or pleading for help); on the other hand, there don't seem to be many rooms to trade, and there's a definite sense that the "good" rooms up for grabs were allocated immediately.

Which brings us to this reality: hotel reservations won't open back up until after the deposit deadline passes and On Peak knows for sure what's still available. So those of you who are waiting for that day are probably feeling the delay right in your nerves.

I've already let go of my luxurious 5-star room at Town & Country; rest assured that other people who booked safety rooms and then got airport/Hotel Circle/ Mission Valley rooms in the sale are doing the same. If you're utterly homeless right now, I think you will find some rooms when reservations reopen. They probably won't be great but you can put a roof over your head. So don't give in to your despair just yet.

One thing you can do right now: pair up with other homeless nerds. Again, I know this isn't anyone's dream stay at Comic-Con but if you can find someone right now who also needs a room (and seems civilized and clean) you can afford a better room together or just save money. I know of 2 couples who just paired up so they could afford a room at the Marriott Marquis. Given how little time we spend in our rooms, this really isn't the worst thing. And if you're headed to SDCC alone, it provides you with an automatic pal.

Stay tuned.

I'm not at Emerald City - but I hope you are

8 APRIL 2016

I've been hyping Emerald City Comicon for months (well years, really) so it's probably a surprise to hear that I'm not there. I almost was forced to cancel 2 weeks ago, then everything cleared, then a few days ago I realized I couldn't go at all. It's especially annoying given that I sacrificed Silicon Valley and then WonderCon because of ECCC.

I'm pretty devastated, so I hope you're all having fun on my behalf. Please share your stories with me, the good and the bad. (Like this Funko booth story.) I wish I was in Seattle right now, so I'm going to live vicariously through you.

I hope you have a magical time and I hope to see you all there next year.

Update on the SLCC vs SDCC lawsuit

8 APRIL 2016

If you've been wondering about the status of CCI's lawsuit against Salt Lake Comic Con, I talked to SLCC founder Bryan Brandenburg today. He said they are "close" to settling and it could happen in the next 2 months, but they're still prepared to take it to the end.

"The settlement agreement boils down to 1 or 2 issues," he said. "We either settle on reasonable terms or we go to trial."

In other words, no resolution yet - and it doesn't sound like CCI has softened at all. But we kind of expected that.

Breaking down the 2016 hotel sale fails

7 APRIL 2016

Today was a painful day on many levels. But let's be clear - it wasn't anything as simple as bad luck as in, "Well, there's too many attendees and not enough rooms, what can you do!" Here are the ways this sale failed us, and what could be improved.

Anyone could participate in the sale.

This is so, so unfair. If someone gets a badge and possibly invests in plane fare, they should be prioritized for a room over someone who just wants to come network or hit up the outside events. And the current system allows you to sway the odds in your favor by submitting a ton of fake names on different browsers. A real lottery where everyone had an equal shot would be restricted to Member IDs with registration records.

We were misinformed on the process - and it handicapped some of us.

"All users will be given access to the hotel reservations form from the waiting room in RANDOM ORDER and requests will be processed based upon this order." It's pretty obvious by now that didn't happen; that the double randomization was more in play. People who got in twenty minutes into the sale were landing at the Marriott Marquis and people who were in after thirty seconds got nothing.

Why this matters: because many people after a certain point figured that all of the rooms were gone at that point (like in previous years, when a 9:17 PST timestamp meant you got nothing) and so they shut down their browsers and moved on. My friend's wife got in pretty quick and he didn't so after ten minutes, they decided there wasn't any point in waiting. Wrong! They both would have had an equal shot.

The miscommunications and conflicting messages just increased our frenzy.

Some On Peak members told us that it was totally randomized; others said no, it was about the moment you entered the room; others said no, it was about submission time. Various official tweets and email statements underscored all of these contradictions. It gave some people false hope, unsettled others and stirred up unnecessary debates and research.

The ratio of  "totally rejected" to "got something" was higher than ever.

Okay, I don't have authentic stats to back this up. But by mid-afternoon, only a third of people reported receiving an email in Leonard's Twitter poll.  Out of a group of 17 people I monitored, only 4 of us had gotten an email. We all got something. Then there was a lull and  an onslaught of rejection emails hit and it seemed that almost everyone who'd gotten something had already been notified. That is a horrifying imbalance. I hope the number of people who got totally shut out is smaller than it seems - but regardless of what that ratio is, it's clear something has got to change.

So what could be improved?

Restricting the badge sale. Obviously. It's amazing to me that it's gotten so much harder for even pros to get into SDCC in recent years - and yet they let total randos into this sale. They can restrict it (by volunteer, guest, pro, exhibitor staff, attendee, whatever) and they should.

Communicating accurately and clearly. I'm not blaming CCI for this one - I'm guessing they got the same mixed messages from On Peak that we did. But On Peak should have trained its customer-facing staff better, distributed talking points and made the process clear. This is not difficult. It just isn't. There's either a lack of good management, a lack of respect for attendees, or both.

Some kind of finely honed Machiavellian arm-twisting and blackmailing. Only partially kidding. Despite that much-lauded agreement we heard about between CCI and local hotels, it's obvious that downtown hotels are withholding more rooms to sell at market rates. It used to be much, much easier to get into a downtown room. The Unofficial SDCC Blog did a good post on this, but even so, you can look at those room numbers and compare them to the tiny number of attendees who get into them and get very depressed.

As far as what to do - there are fewer rooms to trade this year, unfortunately. People like me who were ready to offer up our safety rooms are now clinging to them for dear life. (I already have a line of people waiting to take Hotel Z off my hands.) However, people will be letting go of rooms over the next few days, so be astute and ask around; and be ready for when hotel reservations open back up.

And while this might not be your dream, consider looking for roommates. Yeah, I know, sharing a room with a stranger, how uncomfortable. But it's an option and people do need roommates. Also consider trimming a night off your stay, on either end. If you got Thursday, Friday, Sunday, cut off Sunday, do the outside events Saturday, and go home happy.

And finally - I have 4 nights at Town and Country that I won't be using. I know that's not your dream either but it's an option. No one's asked me for it yet.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll have a clearer idea of who needs rooms and how we can help them.

ETA: It looks like dupes may have been a problem as well - if a phone number or address matched another entry, it was discarded. This is a theory based on what a few people have been told; I don't think it's official yet. If it's true, it's completely ridiculous - people who live together at home, like parent and a college student or adult child, may want separate rooms at the Con. Two housemates may want separate rooms. And then there are the many attendees who know they're about to move - maybe they're graduating, maybe they're job-hunting, maybe they hate their apartment - and so they put down a friend's place as a more permanent address. 

It's clear we need an explanation from On Peak of how the sale was handled, and they need to listen to our grievances and address them.

Where we are with hotel emails - updated

7 APRIL 2016

Almost everyone I'm in touch with has NOT gotten their hotel email. That includes people who went through immediately and those who went through late. So while this is undoubtedly frustrating for you, please know it's not a signal something is wrong - not wrong with your hotel fate, anyhow. On Peak probably could have organized this a little better.

And they definitely could have improved their customer service. So far tweets and phone calls have delivered these contradictory messages: the process was double-randomized, with submissions processed in any old order; they were processed in order at the moment of submission; they were processed by the moment you were taken out of the waiting room and into the system.

I honestly have no idea which one to believe at this point but I do know an event of this magnitude should have been treated with more gravity. On Peak should have ironed out the process and circulated talking points to their customer-facing staff and drilled it into their skulls; there's just no cause for confusing people and stressing them out like this.

Tomorrow is another day, comrades.

Update: Literally seconds after I posted this, the rejection emails started. Almost everyone I know is getting rejected. And the email says "All received requests were processed in random order as outlined on www.comic-con.org and all placements have been made."

My stomach hurts. It seems like a catastrophic number of attendees got shut out completely. I'm hoping I'm wrong and some emails just haven't gone out yet. In the meantime, if you're one of the few who have an extra room, let me know and I'll connect you with someone who needs it. But I think most everyone is in the "needs it" category.

One thing is clear: CCI has got to change the process and make it for badge-holders only. This is a disaster.

On hotel room exchanges

7 APRIL 2016

It seems to me that most attendees still haven't gotten their hotel assignments yet, but for those who have, the trading has begun. So a few words of caution.

If you have a room to transfer:

You shouldn't have to give out much personal information. Last year all it took was a name and reservation number. The person you transferred to called Travel Planners (now On Peak), said they wanted to put the reservation in their name, gave all their info - address, phone, etc - and then the email shot out to them, prompting them for the deposit. Deal done. I don't know if it will be exactly the same now but we'll find out.

ETA: SDCC Unofficial Blog says they were asked for original person's billing address and zip code, and they talked them down to just the zip code. So be prepared for that.

If you don't know who to transfer an unwanted room to, you've got options. I'm interested, for myself and friends who are looking, so you can come to me; you can also go to Friends of Comic Con and participate in their hotel exchange. They are a solid group of people, really smart about SDCC and very helpful.

If you're looking for a room:

This is the harder position but don't give up hope. Let your other attendee friends know you're looking and have them put out the word. The aforementioned FoCC exchange is only for active forum members, so if you qualify, go there. If not, just be as proactive as possible. And don't give up; you may be hustling for some time to come, but you will find something.

If you're on either side of the exchange:

Be discreet. Last year I saw people posting all kinds of personal info online like addresses, last names, etc. Sometimes a room would pass through multiple people and the original person would find their info handed down 2-3 times. Please respect everyone's privacy and keep the sharing to only what's absolutely critical. SDCC is a great community and it's always moving to see complete strangers help each other out - but it's easy to slip up, so be careful.

Again, try to stay positive. Easier said than done, I know.

Hotel emails are going out

7 APRIL 2016

I know, I know. It is beyond nerve wracking.

I got in pretty quick Tuesday (I was in the high 2000s) and landed at .... Town and Country. Same story with many other people - lots of early submissions at Town and Country. I have a safety room booked at Hotel Z, so if you want my T&C room, just email me and let me know; I can transfer the reservation to you before the deposit is due. But I'm guessing most of you are going to fight for something better.

And on that note - if you have a downtown room to trade, consider transferring it to a needy blogger. (Me - I'd like to be way closer than Hotel Z.)

Emails are slowly trickling in for almost everyone else I know, so don't despair. And remember, people will be trading rooms, giving up safety rooms and offering up Airbnb deals, so don't get too stressed if you end up with something awful (or nothing at all.) When hotel reservations reopened last year (and in that case, you just go in and see what's available, it's very easy), they also had downtown rooms available at a non-discounted rate.

In other words, you have options. Stay strong and we'll see how this unfolds.

Updated: SLCC does NOT have a $10,000 VIP room

6 APRIL 2016

We've all heard about people who make and sell fake Comic-Con badges, but one guy took it to another level: he impersonated a federal agent at Salt Lake Comic Con, flashing documentation on a wanted fugitive, so he could get into a private VIP room that was $10,000 a head.

Let's digest that. Not the impersonation - fraud, crime, yawn, whatever - but the fact that people pay $10,000 at Salt Lake Comic Con just to be in a room with famous people. Who are these people? What do they get out of the experience? Do they ever calculate all the compound interest squandered with this financial choice?

Anyhow, Jonathon M. Wall faces 3 years in prison and a $250,000 fine; it would have been cheaper just to pay the entry fee. His sentencing is 9 June. Don't impersonate federal agents at Comic Cons, kids! Just in case that was one of your strategies this summer.

Updated: I talked to SLCC founder Bryan Brandenburg and they most definitely do not have a  $10,000 VIP room. The impersonator was just trying to get into the green room where the celebrities are. Which sounds more like the Comic Cons we know. Somehow the AP press added that extra flourish, but it just isn't true.

Clarification on "order" of hotel requests

5 APRIL 2016

Did you needlessly panic and rush through your form today, desperately trying to beat those thousands of people who were submitting every second? It was for naught.

Of course attendees are getting salty about this on Twitter, lamenting the typos they have made, the skyrocketing blood pressure they endured - for no good reason. And some people who froze with panic once they got in are now somewhat relieved.

But it doesn't matter now. All that matters is the oncoming flow of emails that will reveal where the Wheel of Fate placed you.

Hotel Day is here

5 APRIL 2016

9:43 am

One thing to be aware of - a lot of us booked safety rooms at Hotel Z months ago. So expect to see some of those get released this weekend. It's downtown, in walking distance of the convention center, at 521 6th Ave. And supposedly they offer free cupcakes, so there's that.

In general, prepare for a lot of room trading this weekend. This isn't over, not by a long shot.

9:18 am

Well, that was painless. I got in almost immediately but it sounds like many other people did too. What I really liked: the numbers. It let me know which browser to focus on.

Since it went so fast, it's hard to estimate how we all did. I guess we'll all know in a few days.

8:51 am

It's almost time. You know the drill - hit the loo, get a drink, have all your information at the ready. Don't worry about credit cards; you don't need them today.

8:44 am

I got this text: "Just woke up. Did I miss the hotel thing?" I will never understand these people who can sleep through SDCC badge and hotel sales. How are they not awake with anxiety at 4 am?

7:43 am

When you get into the form, don't bother scrolling through the whole list of hotels. See where it says "Skip to form" at the right? Click that immediately. Every second counts.

7:28 am

CCI has thoughtfully provided a sample form so you can practice. That was nice of them. I suggest looking at it even if you've been practicing on last year's form.

7:07 am

Welcome to what last year was the worst SDCC sale of the year. Today will hopefully go more smoothly; maybe the new lottery process will mean fewer white pages of death and bizarro screens, and On Peak will prove to be our hotel champion in a way Travel Planners never was. (Yes, I know they merged and we're probably dealing with many of the same people.)

Or it could all turn into a sky-high dumpster fire of a sale with even worse glitches than before. The whole delayed email deal did not give me confidence, but let's go into it with neutral expectations.

Again, whatever happens today - say, you don't get picked in time for the lottery - you will have other options. You can find someone online to trade rooms with. You can wait for online reservations to open back up and find a room that way. (And you will find something.) So try not to get too attached to the vision of you eating breakfast in your Hilton Bayfront room, watching the Hall H line. A hotel room is just a place to sleep at night.

Good luck. I'll be live-blogging the sale so stay tuned.

Are you ready for Hotel Day?

4 APRIL 2016

Apparently CCI isn't, because many of us still haven't received our emails with the link that was going to go out "48 hours" in advance.  Considering that should be the simplest part of the sale, it doesn't bode well for the sale. Maybe they're trying to restrict the waiting room to attendees and pros like it should be? Wishful thinking, probably.

Onto your strategy. By now you've probably picked out your 6 hotels and maybe made a few trade deals with your SDCC comrades. But assuming you're just a baby in the SDCC hotel woods, here's what you need to know.

This is the final day of the Early Bird sale.

If you can make peace with staying somewhere involving a shuttle ride, book your hotel today and don't look back. You can spare yourself the anxiety the rest of us will go through this week.

Weigh the odds in your hotel selection.

If you pick the "best" downtown hotels only, you've radically reduced your odds. I'd throw in some mid-list hotels too. Remember: staying at a hotel deep in the Gaslamp doesn't actually increase your walking, because you'll be right next to all the restaurants and bars you'd walk to that night anyhow. You can just hop the shuttle to the Con.

And if you think Mission Valley or airport hotels are okay with you, then just do the Early Bird today.

Even though it's a lottery, practice your hotel selection and information anyhow.

There will probably still be a first come first serve aspect in submitting your info. And nanoseconds make the difference here.

Remember that this is just Phase I.

After the dust settles and we find out what we got, this will happen: people will start trading reservations online. Previously this has been a simple situation where Person A provides the reservation number and last name and Person B calls Travel Planners (now On Peak) and says they are taking over the room. I don't know if that's how it will go this year but let's assume we can all trade rooms easily.

You'll also have the ability to go back into the system when it opens up and pick a room from what's left. There won't be 4 nights at the Hard Rock available but you will find something, somewhere.

I'll post more when we get some clarity on our missing emails.

ETA: Emails are going out. If you're wondering if it's better to call the line rather than do the lottery, it's a safe bet that most people will do both. In other words, I don't see it as an advantage.

ETA: And Early Bird is sold out. I've never seen that before, but it was a wise choice on behalf of whoever chose it.

The Killing Joke teaser is out

3 APRIL 2016

"He's insane. It's a mistake to think you know what he'll do."

Just a little something to sooth your nerves before Hotel Day and remind you that it's all worth it - the ball of anxiety that is your stomach as you contemplate landing at La Quinta inn on Tuesday morning. If you have a badge for San Diego Comic-Con, that's what matters. You're still going to your dream panels, can still see The Killing Joke or the Masquerade or confront your arch enemy in the Nintendo Gaming Lounge. No one can take that away from you.

I'll post my thoughts on the hotel sale in a bit.

Emerald City sold out. What a weird ticket sale.

1 APRIL 2016

So Emerald City has finally sold out. Those final Thursday tickets that just kept lingering and lingering for eons long after every other day had sold out, finally got bought.

Here's why that's interesting, if you're not already yawning. ECCC has sold out faster and faster every year - for full badges. It took 5 months to sell out full badges for 2014, 7 weeks for 2015 and 50 minutes for 2016. (VIP badges lingered a bit longer but were still gone by nightfall.)  3-day badges were gone the following day and Saturday within a month.

So obviously there was high interest here, yet Thursday - the first ever Thursday - didn't entice. Was it because it was a half day? Or focused mainly on comics? Or people didn't want to bother taking another day off from work? Hard to say.

At any rate, Craigslist and StubHub are rife with ECCC tickets, so anyone can still go - at a marked-up price. But officially, yes, Emerald City Comicon is sold out.

ECCC Artist Alley is open to newcomers again

1 APRIL 2016

A lot of emerging artists were annoyed with Emerald City Comicon this year for shutting them out of Artist Alley. ECCC is known as a very prestigious place to exhibit and the fact that 2016 had no applications for newcomers was a sore point in the industry - especially since it's supposed to be friendly to indie creators. At the same time, its very prestige is the reason table space is in such high demand, putting ECCC in a tough spot.

So this is good news: Emerald City Comicon will accept Artist Alley applications for 2017. It doesn't mean you'll get in, necessarily, but they are making more space available (and fewer double tables) so you definitely have a shot.

Applications are open from 30 May to 1 August. Applying sooner rather than later is probably smart, though veterans and those artists who've been wait-listed for a while will get priority. Good luck.

Image Expo screening Outcast pilot

31 MARCH 2016

Those of you going to Image Expo's Spring Formal next Wednesday night will have this to look forward to: a screening of Robert Kirkman's Outcast pilot.

The Spring Formal is a real dance by the way, with formal wear, cocktails, DJs (Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie) and dancing. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund will be highlighted too. A few tickets are left, so if you'll be in Seattle next week, think about going. Remember, Emerald City doesn't kick off until Thursday afternoon, so you have all morning to sleep in.

Vanity meets fandom: MAC's Star Trek makeup line will debut in Gaslamp at SDCC

31 MARCH 2016

If you're a high femme nerd like me, dropping your money on mascara and comic books in equal measure, you will love this news: MAC's Star Trek makeup line is going to be available at San Diego Comic-Con more than a month before anyone else gets it.

Well, technically it'll be at the Gaslamp MAC store in an exclusive one-day presale on Thursday, July 21. Exclusive, you understand, in a way that the hotel sale isn't: it's being offered to "SDCC-goers." Thank you, MAC. That tiny store is going to be packed enough as it is.

Here's the official quote from the creative director: "Star Trek is an iconic pop culture phenomenon whose storylines pushed gender and racial boundaries. For its 50th anniversary, we celebrate each of Star Trek's powerful women in a transcending, transformational makeup collection."

By "each" they mean these women: Uhura and Troi, Seven of Nine and Vina. So we can expect some intergalactic eyeliner that holds up even in the humid Exhibit Hall, right? I don't see any in the above picture but it's a 25-piece line so let's assume we'll all find something to fall in love with.

I think we all knew Star Trek would have an immense presence at this year's SDCC, but this is still a nice surprise.