Returning Registration is here

 4 NOVEMBER 2023

12:40 pm PST

Okay, several people have told me they had passwords not working; others got in at the Thursday/Sunday portion of the sale and still got bounced out.

Others have said they didn't see as many tweets/posts claiming Preview Night badges as usual and are speculating that the "sold out" figure included those people who got bumped at Process Payment - that their carts with PN badges were floating in limbo, essentially, but never fully processed. This may just be a last stab of hope that Open Reg will have more PN badges than usual available.

I have no idea. I was drowning in tech glitches and frantic Discord voice chats through the whole sale so I have zero idea how many people posted what. 

And I have zero idea if CCI will honor anyone's screenshots; I'm not holding my breath. I do know they need to correct the system so it is one Member ID, one session. Not a free for all where people can get dozens of bites at the apple. 

Open Registration will likely be a bloodbath. Gird your loins for badge sale battle!

10:01 am PST

Wow! Worst badge sale in a while. And I don't have a Preview Night badge for the first time since 2008. 

I'll summarize our technical difficulties:

  • Deeply slow, "page unresponsive"
  • Showing Preview Night for some people, not for others
  • Wiping out 2 of 3 people I completed badge choices and then when I redid them, it wiped out the first person and I had to go back and re-do them
  • The billing address I entered kept getting wiped out, and I had to re-enter several times
  • While it USED to hold your badge choices in your cart, I was told to remove "Wednesday Attendee" and when I tried to do this, it bumped me back to the badge choices instead of letting me just take it out of my cart
  • Process Payment was a monstrosity, hanging me and others up for minutes. Several people timed out at this stage. I didn't time out but after hanging for about 3 minutes, I was kicked back to beginning with a wait time of more than an hour.

I suspect there was a period where they let too many people into the system because the people I know who got right in, had a smooth experience, and when I got in a second time after Preview Night sold out, it was also smooth sailing. 

In other words, I blame CCI/Configio entirely.

Multiple people assured me that the Process Payment aborted sessions still went through. Our current status: the session someone else did that included me did not go through, and I was able to buy for all 3 of us in another session. However, my own initial session that got kicked out may be in limbo as we're unable to buy for them. 

What a mess! How did you do?

8:25 am PST

It appears the lack of a link/email has stymied some people, who've been watching their inboxes. You just need to go into the Member ID section, possibly complete an annoying Captcha, and then you're in.

8:09 am PST

Well, here we are, ready to lock down our fate for San Diego Comic-Con 2024 - the Part 1 of locking it down, anyway. By now, you're probably in the waiting room and feeling your heartbeat accelerate, your palms sweat, as you wait to see what hand you're dealt.

Remember to have your credit card at the ready if you didn't put in your payment details yet; make sure everyone in your buying group has their information updated; get your drinks and snacks ready and sequester any pets who might jump on a laptop and send your SDCC plans to hell.

I feel like today will be calm. How do you feel?


  1. Complaints about billing would be less if everyone followed instructions and had a credit card sav ed to their profile. Still kinda buggy, but expected.

    1. Not everyone wants to store their credit card information though, and that shouldn't doom them. This is entirely on CCI.

  2. I completely agree... the likely cause of all of this was too many people let into the system at once. My guess (only a guess) is that it was going well in the beginning, but too slowly for someone's liking. So they said 'speed it up' and the buying system couldn't handle it.

    On the good news side, this should be an easy fix for open reg. As for the unique codes for Member IDs to enter the waiting room... I agree that was the right way to handle it, but I suspect that they are a thing of the past now.

    1. This is exactly what I think. And I do hope they fix it for Open Reg.