Maybe buy your ECCC tickets earlier next year

12 MARCH 2019

We're less than 48 hours away from the start of Emerald City Comic Con - which I will not be going to, but am still loosely following. And while all tickets but Thursday are officially sold out, Friday and Sunday were available until recently.

Which makes this a bit puzzling: people are lining up to get those tickets for a tremendous markup on Lyte. Friday is currently available but for $80 - almost double what it went for from ECCC. Sunday tickets are $85 and currently have a waiting list of 18 people. Saturday tickets? $99, with 13 people waiting.

That last I can understand, since Saturday sold out fast. But I don't understand why those people don't pony up an extra $30 for the 4-day tickets, which are going for $129 and only have 6 people waiting. (You're welcome, whoever bought my two turned-in tickets.) Maybe they're confident more Saturdays will be returned?

I'm being petty, and yes, I realize people don't always have the funds when they need to buy Comic Con tickets. But overall - the patterns and prices of ECCC 2019 shows that it doesn't pay to wait until the last minute to grab your tickets, Lyte availability or not.

And in case you missed the real message here amidst my musing - ECCC tickets are still available. Thursday on the site, Friday on Lyte, and maybe Saturday/Sunday if you make it through the waiting list.

Good luck and have fun this week. Send me pictures. I already miss you.


  1. First time at Emerald City. We loved it. You missed a great time.

    1. Glad you had fun... Hope you go back next year.