Lyte pays the full price for ECCC tickets

27 FEBRUARY 2019

I'm unhappily able to report that Lyte, who is handling Emerald City Comic Con ticket exchanges for the first time this year, will pay full price for your tickets. At least if they're 4 day tickets, they will. I know this because Fate is a ruthless cannibal that devours all my time and now I can't go to ECCC.

So instead of arranging a sale to a stranger, I turned my tickets over to Lyte. It worked smoothly enough; if you also find yourself with extra tickets on your hands, I'd recommend going that route instead of StubHub, Craigslist or some other dodgy means. All you need to provide is your order ID and then they make an offer and send you a UPS label. It's pretty painless. Except for the bitterness burning in your heart because you can't go to ECCC.

As for ticket availability - I don't really know how many full tickets they have on hand. Maybe they're rare and I just made 2 PNW nerds very happy, or maybe they have a decent supply. At any rate, it doesn't hurt to check. And of course, you can get Thursday, Friday and Sunday right from the ECCC site.

Have fun at Emerald City, you lucky bastards. See you at a Comic Con soon.


  1. Sorry you aren't able to attend. *hugs*

    1. Thanks. I am really bummed.... especially now that it's the week I've been anticipating for months.