Today is the ECCC badge sale

23 OCTOBER 2019

1:09 pm

4 day tickets are sold out.

12:58 pm

Celebrity and Comic Fan Premium Packages are sold out - 4 day are still available.

12:16 pm

 And it's over for me. How about you?

Word of caution: when you confirm your tickets, there is a teeny little link to book your hotel. Don't miss it.

12:02 pm

We're in the queue....

10:23 a.m.
It's a special day for PNW nerds - the day when the (digital) gates to Emerald City Comic Con open and we lock down our badges.

If you're an ECCC veteran, remember that you can choose from premium packages this year; if you're new to ECCC and/or ReedPop, be aware that you can book your hotel at the same time. Also be aware that your odds of getting a full badge are good only if you get into the queue on time. This isn't as nuts as an SDCC badge or hotel sale, but it's still competitive.

I'll be in the sale with you and I'll post what I hear and see.

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