You can see The Killing Joke in theatres 25 July

9 JULY 2016

This might be old news to some of you, but I keep encountering people who don't know it. So here it is.

The Killing Joke, the animated feature that has haunted fan imaginations everywhere since it was announced after the Gods and Monsters premiere last year at the Con, will be in movie theatres on Monday, 25 July. Yes, just one night. This is incredibly good news for:

1) Those of you who didn't get a badge for SDCC 2016
2) Those of you who did, but have Friday plans that make the premiere inaccessible

Or maybe you just planned on seeing it, but now feel free to pursue some of the other great Friday night options at Comic-Con.

Demand has been so high for this that theatre after theatre has sold out, with more added in the last few days. It's actually breaking records. And what does that demand say about our ability to get a good seat at the Con screening - or get in at all? Probably what we already knew: it's going to be tough.

When The Killing Joke was announced, my first thought was that I would crawl into a Ballroom 20 air duct if necessary to see it. Now the pressure is off slightly - and of course, it's coming out digitally on 26 July and then on DVD and Blu-ray a week later. Still, seeing it at Comic-Con is part of the magic.

See you in line on July 22. And maybe again at the movies a few nights later.

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