Saturday panels are up

9 JULY 2016

Panels for Saturday, what used to be considered THE day at San Diego Comic-Con, have been posted. At this point, we all have a pretty good idea about what our Con will look like.

So what do we have today?

Hall H: Warner Bros opens the day at 11:30 with the Star Trek panel at 2. Aliens 30th anniversary is at 3:15, followed by EW's Women Who Kick Ass. Then prodigal son Marvel Studios returns at 5:30 and finally Kevin Smith at 7. Please show up for him this time after you heartlessly rejected him last year.

Ballroom 20: There's.... Once Upon a Time at 10, The Vampire Diaries at 11, The Simpsons at 12, followed by Family Guy 1 at 1, American Dad at 1:45, Grim at 2:30, and then Supergirl at 3:30. Legends of Tomorrow follows at 4:15, then The Flash at 5 and Arrow at 5:45. At that point they will clear the room for the Masquerade later that night.

Indigo: We Bare Bears is at 10, followed by Powerpuff Girls; then we have Blindspot at 12, The Originals at 12:50, Lucifer at 1:30 and Gotham at 2:10. Then Syfy rolls in with The Expanse at 3 and The Magicians at 4. Son of Zorn is at 5, followed by Last Man on Earth at 6 and then the screening of Incorporated at 7.

Your call on which of those rooms is the best spend of your day. We also have...


Nickelodeon plunges you into the 90s in 6A at 11:15. SO popular this will be.

It's Monster High time at 11:30 in 5AB. A fan costume contest will offer "fantastic prizes."

Crack open "The Roddenberry Vault" at 12:30 in 5AB for rare Star Trek clips and photos.

Did you know "tomorrow's movie production super-triangle" is Hollywood, Bollywood and Dubai? Me neither. But you can find all about financing, shooting & other practical details in 23ABC at 1.

Or you can revel in the "Kaiju Kingdom Podcast" at 1 in the library.

What's it like to make and sell a TV pilot? Find out at 1:30 in 24ABC.

"Women Rocking Hollywood" is at 2 in 25ABC.

Disney XD fans will see exclusive clips of Pickle and Peanut and Future Worm at 2:30 in 5AB.

What a long line we'll have: Wynonna Earp is at 2:30 in 24ABC.

At the exact same time, HBO's Vice Principals appears in the Horton.

Just 15 minutes later at 2:45: Scooby-Doo and WWE in 6BCF.

The 10th annual Lost panel is at 3 in the library. Yes, THAT Lost. 

Everyone who attends this panel gets a free model Starship: "Star Trek The Official Starships Collection" in 28DE at 3.

Bear McCreary is honored for his musical genius at 3:30 in room 8.

Want to discuss Game of Thrones - books and show - with other superfans? Go to the library at 4.

Also at 4: BBC's new Dirk Gently show with Elijah Wood.

If you missed the Timeless pilot on Preview Night, you can see it at 4:15 in 6A.

Talk about Outcast with Robert Kirkman at 5:15 in 6BCF.

In the Horton at 5:30: The Final Girls, with "a surprise slate of actual final girls from horror film history."

Comics, Gaming & Collectibles

The graphic novels of Avatar the Last Airbender is at 10 in 25ABC - and there will be a cosplay contest.

Find out how DC is teaming up with other companies and universes to create interesting crossovers. 6DE at 10.

"Dig Deep" explores the complex subjects tackled in YA and kids' graphic novels. 28DE at 10.

John Lewis is back with March: Book Three, exclusively available at SDCC right now. So if you missed him last year, report to 23ABC at 10.

Mexican comics and media: learn all about them at 11 in room 4.

Or you can find out about the comics of the future, like ones with motion sensors, at 11 in 29AB.

Marvel games, comics and more are in 7AB at 11.

Top Cow talks future and current comics at 11 in room 9.

Titan comics wants to give you "lots of free books and exclusive promo items." 11:30 in room 8.

"Reading without Walls" is at noon in 29AB.

Boom! wants you to discover new worlds at 12:30 in 24ABC.

If you're vision-impaired and looking for new games, movies and comics, head over to room 2 at 12:30.

How is the YA genre changing? Find out in 28DE at 1.

Archie celebrates its 75th anniversary and maybe, just maybe, offers up a cast member from Riverdale. Which shows later tonight. Room 4 at 1.

Image is "Riffing on Reality" at 1 in 7AB.

Kids' comics: what is "so awesome" about them? Find out in 29AB at 1.

TMNT everything is in 25ABC at 1 with Kevin Eastman and crew.

Or you can see Pokemon creators in the Horton at 1 and take home a poster.

Invader Zim and Jhonen Vasquez tell "horrible, horrible secrets" in 29AB at 2.

Drawn & Quarterly gives you a groundbreaking group of their cartoonists at 2:30 in room 8.

Dark Horse will show off unannounced work from "some of the biggest names in and outside the industry." 3 in 7AB.

ComiXology is at 3 also in 29AB. And so is Wonder Woman's 75th birthday party in 6DE.

Celebrate 20 years of Tomb Raider at 3:30 in 24ABC.

Or opt to celebrate 40 years of Fantagraphic at the same time in 26AB.

Or choose Doctor Who and Torchwood comics at 3:30 in 5AB.

Skybound takes over 6DE at 4:14.

Are your "jaws agape and minds blown away" from REBIRTH - "the biggest event of 2016"? DC thinks so. And they want you to come to 6DE at 5:30 and join "the industry's most creative and influential people!" I feel unworthy.

Magic: The Gathering gives you head designer Mark Rosewater in 7AB at 6:30.

Black Comix takes over 28DE at 8.


Are you a cosplayer who wants to help your community? Find out how at 11 in the Marriott.

"Adding Dimension to Your Cosplay Makeup" is at 2 in the Marriott. Designer Cosplay follows at 3.

Cosplay storytelling is in 6DE at 6:45.

Nerd Culture

"The Business of Geek Fashion" features not only Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe but panelists from WeLoveFine and Hot Topic. 10 in the Marriott.

Celebrate Famous Monsters of Filmland and its editor Forrest J Ackerman at 10:30 in 6BCF.

Do you want to start "Investing in Original Art"? Get the 411 in 24ABC at 10:30.

"Rise of the Fangirls:" 25ABC at 11.

Do you want that "chiseled superhero physique?" Report to the Marriott at noon.

"The Female Geek" is at noon in 7AB.

Nerdiest News Live is at 4 in the Horton.

"The Changing Landscape of Comics, Geekdom and Fanboy Culture" is at 4 in the Marriott. At 6 in the same room: "The Evolution of Geek Culture."

"Crazy Talk: Mental Health, Pop Culture and Empowerment" is at 5:30 in 24ABC.

Remember when this panel was called "Gays in Comics?" Now it's "Gays (and more) in Comics (and more)"- but you get the drift. 6-8 in 29AB and will maybe include the usual mixer although I didn't see that mentioned.


I love how CCI starts this panel with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. We know who he is, CCI. And we're thrilled he and others "will discuss how universes are formed with imagination and science." A live painting exhibition will happen too. Horton at 11:30.

"NASA & Angry Birds on a Journey to Mars:" this includes not only NASA's "best and brightest" but a special preview of the new NASA and Angry Birds short. 1:30 in 5 AB.

Trek Talks is at 6 in room 5AB: find out how NASA's vision of the future mimics the world of Star Trek.

New science programs will amaze and dazzle you in "Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact" at 6 in 30CDE.

And if they don't, maybe "The Rise of Machine Intelligence" will at 7 in 25ABC. 


How do you launch and sustain a career in writing animation? Find out at 10 in room 9.

The 3-act story structure is explored in room 2 at 10.

"Take your Ideas to 3D Sculpts and Prints" is at 11:15 in room 2.

"Career Paths into Game Development" is at noon in 28DE. If you can't make that, try "How to Get a Job in Video Games" at 6 in 25ABC.

DIY Comics is at noon in 25ABC.

The profession of storyboarding: room 9 at 1.

Kim Jung Gi helps you draw your imagination at 1:30 in room 2.

Find out how to "Get Your Artwork/Graphic Novel Published with only Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator" at 3 in 30CDE.

Are you an untalented hack? You can learn to draw anyhow thanks to Wei Xu, Ph.D. if you go to 30CDE at 5.

Find out how to make your own documentary on a minimal budget in room 2 at 6.


It's date night at Comic-Con! Did you get invited to the EW party? Me neither. But there's still a lot to do...

You can settle in for a night of TV pilots: The Riverdale pilot is at 6:30 in 6BCF, followed by Frequency at 7:25, followed by Time after Time.

Ash vs. Evil Dead is in 6A at 6:45. This is not the Season 2 premiere - that's at 10 in 6DE.

You can see a screening of new series Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland and Maggie Q and Kal Penn at the Horton at 7.

You can see the full Final Fantasy trailer and some footage at 7:30 in 7AB.

If you want to honor the memory of one of comics' brightest talents, the Darwyn Cooke Tribute is at 8 in 25ABC.

This is at the same time: a discussion of 3 different films featuring Neil Gaiman in 29AB. 3, really?

Ah, Mystery Science Theatre 3000. It's back at 8:30 in 24ABC.

And so is - of course - the Masquerade. Ballroom 20. If you can't get into this, you can watch in on big screens in the Sails Pavilion and elsewhere.

This day has a scientific and nerdy bent that I quite like, but several friends have expressed boredom. And I think I know why; if you go to SDCC every year, some of the panels seem repetitive. The same titles, the same panelists. I'll talk more about that when I summarize the entire programming but for now I will say that I saw some fresh content - and as always, Comic-Con is what you make it.

If you weren't wild about today's panels, that's not necessarily terrible. You'll probably have an intense Thursday and Friday, so sleep in Saturday, eat a leisurely hotel breakfast and relax a bit. Hit up NerdHQ. Or see if someone with Saturday Conan tickets will adopt you. (Again - people WILL change their mind about Conan once they're too tired to get out of bed that morning, or have a panel they can't miss.) That said, I wouldn't recommend dedicating all of Saturday to offsites because you'll be competing with locals who've come on down to see the sights.

Tomorrow will bring the final panels, including Kids Day. What's your favorite day so far?


  1. For the Masquerade (ballroom 20) what's the capacity in seating & when is the best time to get in line?

    1. Just shy of 5K. They give out Masquerade tickets usually starting at noon the day of - you'll need to line up for that, and then again for the actual event that evening if you want to leave and do other things. How good a seat do you want? My best advice is to keep an eye on the line throughout Saturday and use your best judgement.

    2. I will consider this as my last event knowing this will end @ midnightish? For sure i will be tired walking all day long. Thank You!