The Killing Joke will premiere at SDCC

12 JANUARY 2016

Remember last summer at San Diego Comic-Con when you were watching the Justice League: Gods 
and Monsters in Ballroom 20, Friday night, and then afterward Bruce Timm casually mentioned he was doing an animated film of The Killing Joke? And you felt electrified?

(Or maybe you just saw it on Twitter and got a vicarious jolt. Same thing.)

Timm said then it would be at Comic-Con next year, which made the need to procure an SDCC 2016 badge even more urgent. Well, I hope you got a badge in Pre-reg - because The Killing Joke will indeed dazzle the world for the first time at SDCC. And we know that it will include "original scenes" to flesh out the story.

So here are the main questions:
  • Will these original scenes match with or detract from the intensity of the graphic novel?
  • How will the controversy with Barbara Gordon be handled?
  • How will the ambiguous final frames of the comic be translated to film?

And for some of you: should you even care about seeing this if you've never read a comic book or graphic novel in your life?

I can't answer the first three questions but yes, you should put this on your still-forming agenda. If you like animation, compelling stories, DC or Bruce Timm, you'll probably like this even if you didn't read the book.

Of course, it could also fail utterly at making the jump from page to screen. But it's still going to be a legendary Comic-Con moment.

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