San Diego Comic-Con 101: a primer

27 JUNE 2016

As we edge closer and closer to zero hour, you're probably thinking about everything you'll buy and do and conquer. But to set yourself up for success, you'll want to make sure you're prepared on a number of practical levels. The SDCC devil is in the details - ask anyone who got derailed by a splitting headache or asked the wrong person for directions or didn't hear about their dream event in time.

These below posts can help you know what to expect and get the lay of the land in advance. Some of the particulars are outdated,  but you'll get the gist of navigating the Con.

Common questions about the Con

The size of the convention center

Transportation at SDCC

Advice for first-timers

Doing SDCC on a budget

What people haven't liked about Comic-Con in the past

Why you should ask attendees for help

The care and feeding of security guards

Staying healthy at Comic-Con

Is SDCC summer camp for creatives?

Designing your Comic-Con agenda

Eating well at Comic-Con

What you should know about Gam3rCon 

.... and Nerd HQ

Controlling your technology at SDCC

And if you're one of the people fuming over all the excited tweets and posts you're seeing, because hey, no one told you about the badge sale! - here's how to join us next year.

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