Don't forget - the NYCC badge sale is Weds, 12 June

10 JUNE 2019

If you have your eye on New York Comic Con this October, you hopefully have done 2 things by now:

  1. Created a Fan Verification account
  2. Received an email with your link for Wednesday's sale

If you didn't do those things, however, not all is lost. This isn't like SDCC, where you absolutely must have a Member ID assigned to your name and information to get a badge. You just need to find someone who is eligible for the sale - and they can buy you a badge.

It works like this:
  • The person with the Fan Verification account and link gets into the sale, Fortune smiles on them, and they snatch up some tickets.
  • They assign one of those tickets to you with your correct and current email address.
  • You then should - but don't have to - create your own Fan Verification account with that email address. You could skip this step but you shouldn't, especially if you want to be eligible for the 2020 presale.

If you've never done a NYCC sale before, know they are not as hopeless as an SDCC sale - but still pretty tough. Remember that many of the badges are already sold and you're competing for a limited number of remaining badges. That said, yes, you should definitely go even if you don't get the full show. There are many, many surrounding events and you will be more than busy.

Good luck Wednesday. I'll live blog the sale but it should be uneventful.

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