It's time for you to go to New York Comic Con

12 JUNE 2019

1:01 p.m.

So it looks like everyone in the queue got something - and even people who Fan Verified today were able to slip in and hoover up the leftovers. I realize some people are disappointed because they didn't get Saturday or the perfect badge configuration, but on the whole NYCC is a much more attainable experience than SDCC - and the badge sale not nearly as stressful. Just my opinion.

And of course, badges will go up for sale through Lyte when they're turned in (including mine, maybe) so not all hope is lost. Stay vigilant and you'll probably be able to score something.

I'll return to NYCC later this summer. For now, I'm turning all my attention to San Diego Comic-Con, just 5 weeks away. I hope you too have something to fill your summer with nerd magic.

10:20 a.m.

So oddly, minutes after Saturday sold out, some people saw them available again and got them. Just badge sale weirdness, I guess.

9:49 a.m.

Saturday tickets are low...

9:32 a.m.

Sounds like people are still getting Saturday tickets (among other days.) Hang in there.

9:26 a.m.

Well, that was nice and smooth. Got the full show, even though I didn't get in immediately. Now I am extra motivated to make this work.

How did you do? The main issue I'm hearing so far is non-working links.

9:12 a.m.

People are getting tickets - even if you feel like time has stopped for you personally.

9:03 a.m.

Virtual queue.....

8:56 a.m.

We're just minutes away from the New York Comic Con general badge sale. By now you should have your link, your credit card, and a beverage at the ready - as well as your steely resolve to prevail. Badges are limited and you may not get everything you want. But you'll probably get something.

Last weekend, while in New York, I found out I probably can't go to NYCC. But there's still a possibility so I'll be in the mix with you today. I'll post updates but I don't expect anything too radical or unexpected to happen.

Good luck!

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