First-timers, I have a present for you

17 JULY 2017

Hello, excited first-timer. (I hope you're excited, anyhow.) This is a reminder that I want to hear the story of your first San Diego Comic-Con - what you thought, what you conquered, what you loved and disliked the most.

I collect tales from first-timers every year and I realized I never really reward them for sharing - so this year I'm giving away 2 sets of Comic-Con merit badges. These were a big hit at Emerald City Comicon and you can win a complete set by sharing your inaugural story with me. Just email me after the Con at by July 28 and you're in the running.

I recommend reading some of your ancestors' first-time experiences - while not all of them will reflect your SDCC interests, you may pick up some valuable advice. As a jaded old veteran, I feel fairly distanced from how a first-timer sees the Con these days. So consider seeing what these people had to say -and these first-timers and these from 2015 and these other 2015ers and these. Oh, and these first-timers too.

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