Your new SDCC obsession: merit badges

3 MARCH 2017

Sometimes the best thing you find at a Comicon isn't a graphic novel or action figure but a token that's more offbeat and meaningful. So it's no surprise that people have been flipping out over something very small, tucked away at the far end of the Emerald City Comicon show floor: Comic-Con merit badges.


The set includes badges for getting into Hall H, covering every aisle of the Exhibit Hall, sharing a badge, eating an emergency hotdog, a phone staying charged all day, and eating outside the Gaslamp. (What should be added: surviving an SDCC badge sale.)

If you're at Emerald City Comicon, you can find these at booth 1237. The artist is Claire Hummel and yes, she'll be making them available online at some point - follow her @shoomlah to find out when they're available.

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