Let's talk about Nerd HQ

27 MAY 2015

After months of waiting to find what Nerd HQ would be doing at Comic-Con this year - and if they'd be there at all - we have some details. And they sound pretty great so far.

First-timers: do not skip over Nerd HQ news and doings. It might sound like some offbeat ancillary event that you don't have time for, but this is truly one of the best offerings you'll come across at SDCC. Zachary Levi organized this a few years back as an event that has gaming, new tech, parties and other events. The panels (called "conversations") are with the creators and actors fans care about, and they're often much more personal and revealing than SDCC panels. They also help a good cause - Operation Smile. Check out some of last year's offerings and you'll see what I mean.

So what do we know about this year?
  • It'll take place at the New Children's Museum - that's 3 floors and 35,000 square feet of nerd festivities.
  • The entire top floor will be hands-on game play.
  • The Conversations for a Cause have an incredible lineup so far: Norman Reedus, Evangeline Lilly, Joss Whedon, Seth Green, Guillermo del Toro, Lucy Liu and more.
  • Nerd HQ has teamed up with IGN to stream the conversations - making them available to those of you who won't be anywhere near San Diego this July.
Tickets for the conversations are $22 each; each one has 200 seats. So yes, it's competitive just like a regular badge sale - consider the difference between seeing your favorite actor in a room of 200 seats versus 7000 and you can see why fans are so excited about Nerd HQ. And no, you don't need an SDCC badge to go to this. That can be bad or good news depending on your perspective - but it's definitely good news for those of you without a Saturday or Friday badge.

Again, if you're new, don't write off Nerd HQ with the excuse that you'll be too busy with SDCC. It's right there downtown and you will probably get just as much out of this as you will from the actual Con. There's a beating nerd heart at the center of this that makes most attendees feel engaged and gratified without being overwhelmed - as can happen across the street.

The ticket release schedule will be announced in mid to late June. Stay tuned.