A mixed bag of SDCC news

27 MAY 2015

Slowly more news is trickling out. What we're learning this week:

That if you and your identical twin are "outgoing, attractive and personable," there could be a job with your name on it at Comic-Con. Travel compensation is available; the ad doesn't say if you get a full badge so you can explore the Con on your off days. Which of course is what matters.

In the category of things I did not expect to see at Comic-Con: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey action figures. You know that even your non-nerd friends at home will beg for these, so expect them to be one of the hotter items this summer. The set is limited to 2400 (ouch) and you can pre-order them here.

I swear this is actually happening: David Hasselhoff is singing at Comic-Con. He sings the theme song for Kung Fury, a movie about a renegade Kung Fu cop who travels back in time to defeat Hitler. His 80s-style video "True Survivor" features "a lot of dry ice and Hasselhoff singing in front of a Lamborghini Countach, sporting classic retro attire including fingerless gloves." I'm not sure where his performance will be but I hope it's on the Hall H line lawn while Hitler impersonators writhe around on the Lamborghini in bikinis. That would be Comic-Con magic.

One of the biggest blows last summer was the absence of Doctor Who; now we know it'll be back in Hall H and so will Peter Capaldi. That's a sigh of relief you hear from countless attendees - except for those who only have Sunday badges. That's right, the panel is moving to Thursday.

Is this Storm Trooper our first look at a Force Awakens action figure? Is it fake? Authentic? Will we get any cool stuff at SDCC before the 4 September merchandise flood? Nerd minds want to know.

I thought we'd all culturally moved on from Grumpy Cat after the Lifetime movie but apparently not; she's getting her own comic book. It launches in the fall so we may well see this at SDCC.

Also speculation: 16 July is Disney's 60th anniversary and they have serious merchandising plans. I know there are many Disney fans in the SDCC crowd who are hoping to see some of that trickle into the Con. I find this hard to predict, so I'll just say that if this is important to you, look into the D23 Expo in Anaheim on 14-16 August.

Now let's talk about David Glanzer. CCI's spokesperson was interviewed by the esteemed SDCC Unofficial Blog last night and shared a few details of interest to attendees. It's pretty awesome to see CCI being more transparent with blogs and attendees - I highly recommend watching the whole thing. A few highlights:
  • Hall H wristbands may or may not happen this year. While feelings were mixed, more people appeared to like them than not.
  • As we've said before, it's the hotel room issue that may drive SDCC out of SD. Glanzer confirmed that some hotels have reduced their room blocks and raised their rates and that CCI is working hard to keep prices and availability manageable for attendees.
  • As outside CCI events and attractions have grown, many attendees have asked exactly who can get into them; i.e., can you access an event on Saturday if you only have Thursday and Sunday badges. His answer: it depends on the activity. My answer: go for it and charm/beg/flirt your way in. Do this before you waste a lot of time in line.
Finally, NerdHQ has come out with some news - and I think attendees will be pretty excited about some of it. I'll share that in a separate post.