Update on last year's Zombie Walk accident

26 FEBRUARY 2015

Last summer, during the Saturday evening Zombie Walk, a driver struck a 64-year-old woman after trying to drive away from the crowds. Or in a perfect Comic-Con sentence, "The motorist tried to drive away from the intersection of Island and Second avenues after waiting for as long as 10 minutes as a raucous group of people portraying roaming corpses passed by."

The car struck a few people and broke the woman's arm; today it was announced the driver will face charges for reckless driving causing injury. He'll be arraigned on 8 March.

This wasn't nearly as bad as the Twilight fan getting killed by a car in 2012 - no one died this time, at least - but it might still inspire more calls for orderliness during this summer's Zombie Walk. Just a theory.

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