Twilight fan killed at Comic Con

10 JULY 2012

This is really awful. A Twilight fan on her way to the Hall H line was struck and killed by a car. Apparently she was running to get back in line after they began moving it to the tents. She had been line in since Sunday.

I hate to start Comic Con on a dark note - but you can bet that people will be talking about this, and that CCI might be spooked into extra security measures around the Hall H line, which they've already been antsy about this year. So if you feel the security people are being more pissy and tyrannical than usual over the coming week, this is probably why. Likely the crosswalk chaos will be more policed as well.

Just something to keep in mind. The whole thing sounds like a very sad and random accident, but people love to point fingers, and I'm sure sanctimonious news anchors will be moaning that Comic Con/Twilight fans/nerds are out of control. If you were around a few years ago, you might remember all the media histrionics unleashed by the Hall H stabbing.

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