Real-time resources for Comic Con

10 JULY 2012

I know it seems superfluous to read about Comic Con while you're at Comic Con, but checking a few sites daily is a smart idea. The Con is so big and busy that you are likely to overlook at least a few magnificent features and then kick yourself for weeks as you hear about them from everyone else. 

Take some time out every day to see what people are saying online: you will find out about good swag, tickets, booths and events you otherwise wouldn't. I can't emphasize this enough. Just walking around with your eyes open is not enough.

Collider has probably the most comprehensive Hollywood coverage.
MTV does a decent job too.
The regular SDCC blog tends to be mostly promotional and less about addressing real-time issues, but it's still worth checking.
The Beat covers both.
Bleeding Cool usually does a good job presenting actual comic book news that emerges at the Con, which a lot of sites do not.
io9 usually provides short but helpful summaries. They're good at covering stuff like the best finds in the Exhibit Hall.
Metal Life is covering the Con, and they have put together a Comic Con guide "for fans of heavy metal music." This is a broader spectrum than you might expect.
If you're not at the Con: posted a little guide on places to go for updates.

And of course I'll be posting what I can.


  1. To answer the question, yes Metal Life Magazine will be covering SDCC. We look forward to it every year.