Ready for Creative Pro Registration?

27 FEBRUARY 2015

It's not too often attendees get to feel smug in our SDCC life. More often we feel completely subjugated and at the mercy of CCI, various security guards, Fate, etc. So I can't help smirking when I hear about other groups struggling with the same forces we do like, oh, say, the horror of registration. (It's a smirk of solidarity, I swear.)

Today is Creative Professional Registration. If you want a paid and/or complimentary guest badge,  you'll go through the same process attendees did a few weeks ago. You need to get your registration code out of your Member ID profile, enter the waiting room between 9-10 am PST and then wait for the magic to happen.

Complimentary guest badges will sell out within half an hour, according to the sage forecasters at the Toucan blog. I'm intrigued by that, because attendee Pre-reg and Open Reg each took an hour for a total of 130,000 badges, so does that mean there are roughly 32,500 complimentary guest badges available? That can't be right. Remember, today doesn't even include Trade Professional Registration. Well, let's assume this is going to be some kind of slowed-down sale so as not to stress out the sensitive creative personalities at the wheel.

Now remember - this is only to get a guest badge. You yourself, the Creative Pro, don't need to bother with these shenanigans to get your own badge. You have a whole leisurely two months to register for your "guaranteed" badge and that starts today at 11:05 am PST. And it sounds like while you might bomb out getting a free guest badge, you can definitely get a paid one: "Last year, paid professional guest badges never reached capacity." (Across the land, attendees just screamed "What?")

Again - today is just for Creative Professional Reg, not Trade. You should know which one you are, but if you don't, check your Member ID.

Good luck.

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