Timeframe for SDCC badge sales

21 AUGUST 2014

After much speculation, we now know that Pre-registration will be this fall and Open Registration will be in spring of 2015 - subject to change, of course.

For you first-timers, this will be the order of sales:

Pre-registration (fall 2014)
The Early Bird Hotel Sale (winter or spring 2015)
Open Registration (spring 2015)
Hotel Sale (spring 2015)

This means there will be possibly half a year between getting your badge in Pre-reg, and booking your hotel room through Travel Planners. Given that the worst official* CCI sale of the year was when hotel reservations re-opened after the initial sale, it's likely that the Early Bird Hotel Sale will sell out quickly this year - and that many attendees who get lucky in Pre-reg will opt to book rooms on their own this fall.

* I know the parking sale was the worst sale but that was run by Ace Parking - CCI had no role in it.

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