Emerald City tickets go on sale 1 September

16 AUGUST 2014

If you're going to join me at Emerald City Comicon next March, be aware that tickets go on sale Monday, 1 September. It's not like an SDCC badge sale so there's no need for an anxiety attack - but given that this Con gets more popular every year, it's not a bad idea to be on point for this.

Emerald City is 27-29 March 2015. It's gotten the coveted branding of being "like San Diego was in 2004" but I'm not sure that's completely accurate; there isn't as much of a Hollywood presence here as there was then. But it does appeal to nerdier SDCC attendees (that's not redundant - many San Diego attendees don't fit the traditional comic book nerd/gamer/sci-fi fan trifecta) and attracts some top artists, along with those celebrities who tend to show up a lot on the smaller Con circuit.

Last year it had 70,000 attendees and occupied the entire Washington State Convention and Trade Center for the first time. The gaming portion had to be relocated to the nearby Sheraton. Will it be even bigger this year? My Magic 8 Ball says yes.

Hotel room rates haven't yet been posted but badge prices have. Here are your options:

Celebrity Fast Pass - $295
Includes 3-day admission, plus exclusive line access to celebrity/talent autographs and photo ops. Only 500 available.

Deluxe Pass - $150

Includes 3-day admission, exclusive access to show floor, your choice of a shirt, goodie bag, other stuff. Also limited to 500.

3-Day Pass - $85 

Friday Pass - $35

Saturday Pass - $45

Sunday Pass - $35

Child Pass - $10

If you're in Seattle, Vancouver or Portland, you're probably already going - but it might be worth a trip for those of you in farther flung locales. It's also a good starter Con for people who've never done SDCC, and a safety option in case you wash out in the San Diego badge sale. (Not that that's going to happen to any of us, knock on wood.)


  1. Hi Valerie. Is the badge buying process for Emerald Con as crazy as SDCC's? I think that I would like to try a more comic-centric con. Thanks.

    1. No, it's not. I'm going to get my pass and room as soon as they go live just because I like to lock things down and because I want a deluxe pass, which is a limited thing. But you shouldn't expect the same kind of bloodbath that we all go through with SDCC. I'm glad you're considering going!