Your official Hall H camping trip guidelines

4 JULY 2013

It's that time of year when CCI weakly attempts to exert some kind of control on the rabid campers outside Hall H. You may remember from last summer when they ran an almost identical message about "work" being completed and how you could camp but not really, but if you did, here was what was allowed. 

They're delivering the same message this year; they "discourage" advance lines yet if you somewhat accidentally "find yourself" in one, they want you to obey their rules. The strongest one being the no-tent rule - you can have a blanket and a chair, that's it. Apparently they're trying to crack down on the unsightly shanty town that tends to spring up on the grass. And even though they discourage camping overnight, they're still making their restrooms in Lobby G available from 9 pm to 7 am. 

(Also, they're now referring to that area between the convention center and Hilton Bayfront as "Plaza Park." Is that new? As an ex-New Yorker, it's a weird visual.)

Something to remember: last year a Twilight fan was killed when she left the Hall H line to go get food, then saw the line was moving and ran through traffic to reclaim her spot. So it's natural that CCI wants to keep the chaos to a minimum. And let's face it, as a group, we can be a collective pain in the ass.

You can read all of the rules here.


  1. This fascinates me. I thought the only ones crazy enough to line up so early were the Twi-hards. I will be very interested to see if anyone is hardcore enough to start lining up as early as Tuesday night this year for Hall H panels. Now Ballroom 20, with Sherlock and X-files... That line I can see getting an early start. I know as a former Twilight camper I am ready to go early! :)

    1. I've never understood how the campers get their badges. Is there some kind of tag-team effort with your friends, where you save each other's spots while you all get your badges one at a time?

      The Ballroom 20 line is going to be insane on Wednesday night.

  2. TeamEdwardBella4everJuly 4, 2013 at 7:11 PM

    My thought, did people camp before Twilight?

    1. I think it was around 2008-2009 when I looked out of a window at the Hilton Bayfront - whatever year the hotel was new - and was surprised to see tents on the lawn. That night we walked back to the hotel around 3 am and there was a long line of them already. So it probably was Twilight that started it.

      However, I think the general trend of everyone lining up earlier and earlier to guarantee themselves a seat was leading to the same dynamic anyhow.