Thursday programming is up

4 JULY 2013

Thursday panels are announced.

Once again, it's Be an Artist Thursday. Film production, goal setting, writing, legal issues, screenwriting, pitching, publicity, you name it. I don't attend these panels but they are said to be pretty valuable.

Hall H starts with the 14th Annual Animation Show of Shows at 11:50 where Twilight used to be. Then Europa Report at 1:10, Enders Game and Divergent at 3:50; Voltage at 5:10; Dexter at 6:30.

Ballroom 20 has Josh Holloway kicking off Intelligence at 10 with the full first episode; then Star-Crossed, the new CW high school alien teenager show, at 11; Beauty and the Beast at noon, Psych at 1; the new PBS show Sherlock at 2:15, X Files at 3:30, Brave New Warriors at 4:45 (see below) and Teen Wolf at 6.

The Indigo Ballroom has Video Games to Movies at 11, Comedy Legends of TV Land at nooon, Jack Black and his Ghost Ghirls at 1; Comedy Central's Workaholics at 2; world premiere of The Sidekick at 3; Wilfred at 4; John Barrowman at 5.

Another Battlestar Galactica anniversary panel - this one celebrates all of the series and has Richard Hatch and surprise BG guests. Katee Sackhoff, make my dreams come true. Q&A, theatrical trailers and discussion. 10:30am - 11:30am in 6BCF. 

The Witty Women of Steampunk discusses "literature, fashion, romance, adventure, multiculturalism, and more." 11:00am - 12:00pm. 5AB
If you want news on Max Brooks, Alan Moore or Garth Ennis, go to Avatar Press's panel at 11:30 in Room 4. Zombie auteur Brooks will be there in the flesh to accept your adoration.
DC stars Brian BuccellatoMark BuckinghamDerek FridolfsAdam Hughes, Geoff Johns , Jeff LemireGail SimoneTom Taylor will be in 6DE at 11:30.
Film critics from Fearnet, Rottentomatoes, DreadCentral and other sites will be in 24ABC at 11:30. Attendees get an AMC movie pass.
The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is hosting a panel on banned comics at noon in 30 CDE and then another at 1 on "Comics on Trial."
A preview of Batman Arkham Origins will be at 1 in 6BCF.
Dark Horse publishers and writers will be in 23ABC at 1.
Dave McKean has a panel all to himself at 12:30 in room 4.
Spotlight panels are on: Dan Parent, Chris Samnee, Ruth Sanderson, Gene Deitch, Dean Mullaney, Tom Gauld, Jeff Smith, JH Williams, and Gary Frank.
Ode to Nerds discusses science fiction with luminaries Chuck Palahniuk, Cory Doctorow, Austin Grossman, others, and is hosted by Charlie Jane Anders of io9. 1:45 in 6A.
James Spader and an episode of his new show The Blacklist will be in room 6a at 3;00. 
Murder Police, the new animated FOX show, will be in 25ABC at 3. No episode, just a "sneak peek."
If you didn't know, Roman Dirge (Lenore creator) almost died in a hit and run earlier this year. But he's back at the Con and apparently bionic at Roman Dirge REBUILT in 28DE at 3. 
Last year, for a reason I'll never understand, the Con held a panel on 1982. The year. Now they're doing one on 1983. I guess this is more of a pop culture thing than a genuine nerd thing. Room 5AB at 3:00.
CAPCOM talks about upcoming games in 6BCF at 3:30.
Group therapy for people who hated the endings of Lost, BSG or Twin Peaks: a panel on the best and worst series finales will be at 4:00 in 23ABC
The Walking Dead celebrates its 10 anniversary in 6A. This is for the comic book, not the show. Robert Kirkman will lead.
Talk with Creepy and Eerie creators at 4:30 in 24ABC
The official title of this panel is "Entertainment Weekly's Brave New Warriors" but the guests read like a line-up of every woman's TV boyfriends: Kit Harington from GOT, Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead, Matt Smith from Dr. Who, Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf and David Giuntoli from Grimm.  4:45 in Ballroom 20.
Vertigo creators Scott Snyder, Mark Buckingham and Jeff Lemire give you a taste of the future in Vertigo: Defy at 5:45 pm in 6DE.
Discuss queer theory and the existential quandary of LGBTQ webcomics at 5:00 in 28DE.
A panel on the challenges of being a bisexual storyteller: Anything That Loves is at 6:00 in 28DE. Comic Con, between this and Chuck Palahniuk, you have surpassed my expectations.
Masquerade 101 is at 6:00 in 23ABC. This is not the event itself, but a panel on costume research, planning, stage tips, etc. 
Talk about South Park with Trey Parker and Matt Stone at 6 in 6BCF.
Meet The Most Dangerous Women in Comic Con - cosplayers, bloggers, gamers - at 6:00 in 7AB.
More zombie talk with Max Brooks and his ilk in 7AB at 7:00.
Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation is at 7:15 in 6BCF. Didn't this use to happen later?
Once again, Hall H and Ballroom 20 panels will be played back in 25ABC from 8:00 - 11:00 pm. The catch - no footage is shown.
What's missing: Black Sails, which seems to have gotten bumped from Thursday's schedule.

Overall, I don't know. Obviously there's something for everyone, from gamers to book lovers to aspiring artists to TV fans. Much as I yearn to see Europa Report, I think Ballroom 20 outshines Hall H. But on the whole, it's more of a low key day. 
There are about 80 other panels I didn't mention, so go take a look. Then start making your choices.

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