Prepping for general hotel reservations

 1 MAY 2024

It's May! And - maybe you're with me on this - Comic-Con season seems to have snuck in on little cat feet like the fog. Maybe it's because we had to wait so long between badge and hotel? It's caught me off guard to see events and exclusives announced all over social. And it jolted me to see CCI's email today reminding me to update my badge shipping address. Are we really here already?

No doubt you're already locked in and prepped for tomorrow, when you can right whatever wrong befell you in the first spin of the hotel wheel of fortune. Because tomorrow, May 2, probably around 9 am PST but who knows, you will theoretically be able to go into OnPeak and choose from an array of hotel rooms.

Again, theoretically. Here's what to expect and how to prep:

  • Clear your morning as much as you can. You don't know exactly when you'll get access or if the site will struggle due to...
  • ...A jillion people trying to get rooms. 
  • Have your credit card ready. This isn't like the lottery. You'll need to pay then and there.
  • Decide now what you can live with and what you can't. Radius from convention center, room size, number of nights - where can you compromise?
  • If your screen is a sea of undesirable hotels, don't give up hope. A-list hotels will flicker into existence occasionally over the coming weeks, though they'll vanish just as quickly. 

I feel that the day you get your hotel sorted is the day you can really settle back into the pleasure of Comic-Con anticipation - checking guest and exclusive updates every day, speculating on panels and new TV shows and games and movies and comics, finding out which events your comrades are attending, working on your cosplay. Let's be honest: half the fun of SDCC is dreaming about what Comic-Con Santa is going to bring us. 

So I hope you get what you need tomorrow, after which we can all move forward together into the splendor of Comic-Con wishes and revelations. Good luck.

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