Today's hotel sale

 2 MAY 2024

9:32 am

Nothing surprising happened today. The sale went live at 9 am; the first lucky few were able to grab top-tier hotels with full availability; the next batch discovered top-tier hotels were all booked up for the weekends; currently, I'm hearing the selection is mid list or worse for 2 beds. There are still some single bed rooms at Westin Bayview and Westgate.

And that doesn't include the people who got in early only to get an Internal Server Error.

It's all pretty typical. 

If you had your hopes set on today, you should realize that going forward:

1) You probably aren't going to get Hilton Bayfront or Gaslamp or the Omni, etc. It could happen, but it's unlikely.

2) But you will get something. I would lock down a room now and make your peace with it. If you're new to SDCC shenanigans and think "Ah, I shall be extra cunning and tenacious and make it happen" - know you are up against 100,000+ other cunning and tenacious people on the hunt. That's how we got badges in the first place.

Good luck.

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