Where we are with SDCC hotels

 24 APRIL 2024

2 days after we got our hotel assignments - or rejection letters - most of the dust has settled. You've rejoiced over your room, traded or begged for a better one, or come to terms with your lack thereof. Or you're in that weird bardo where someone might have a room at the Hyatt for you but they have to check with one person first and now they've gone silent and you're down to your last atom of hope.

It's rough out there.

A few points:

  • The deadline to lock down your room, deposit and all, is Thursday night at 9:59 pm PST. If you're still hoping for a trade, it's definitely easier to do that pre-deposit - but don't wait much longer. Follow up with people and get a firm answer by tonight if you can.

  • If you do trade, understand it's a transaction of trust. It works best when you can both make it happen in real time and everyone communicates quickly and clearly. Why? Because there will be some back and forth until email addresses, passwords, and whatnot get changed. Also - you'll eventually need to phone OnPeak to change occupant names. Don't worry, they've done it a million times and they are unfazed by our strange behaviors.

  • Now - if you got an okay room but haven't made a better trade/arrangement yet, still put down a deposit. You can reclaim it (minus 3% fee) until May 8 which means you can...

  • ...Spin the wheel of hotel fortune on May 2. Yes, it'll be grim at first with thousands of people trying to grab rooms. But there will be good rooms available! I have gotten Hilton Gaslamp (love that hotel) and the Hyatt in years past. I don't think there will be an abundance of downtown rooms but there will be some. And more will continue to pop up.

  • Whatever you do - do not abandon your Comic-Con plans! I have actually seen several people post this and I can't tell if they're serious or if it's a manipulative ploy for a top-tier room offer. For god's sake, you have a badge to San Diego Comic-Con. Everyone wants to be in your shoes. So you're at Humphrey's Half-Moon Inn - you'll ride the shuttle, so what? You'll barely be at the hotel and you'll still experience all the magic and splendor of Comic-Con.

  • As always, I urge you to consider splitting up your nights. This probably depends on how elaborate your hotel nerd campsite is. But if you travel light, don't be afraid to grab 2 nights at your dream hotel and spend the other 2 or 3 at the undreamy hotel you have currently. I don't mind changing horses mid-stream but I know this is not for everyone. Still, consider it if you really dislike your hotel. You may not be able to grab all 4-5 nights at a great hotel, but you might find one opening up for Weds-Friday or Saturday-Monday.

I still have friends looking to upgrade/get rooms so I will be in the mix on May 2. If you are currently undomiciled, keep the flame of hope alive in your little nerd heart and network. That's really the best way to find rooms at the end of the day. And if you don't have an SDCC network? Now is the time to join a community or several and make some friends. It really does make all the difference not only at Comic-Con, but throughout the year when you now have people to talk to and keep that community spirit alive.

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