The big hotel reveal has been predictable. How did you do?

 22 APRIL 2024

So how did you do? The proportions of celebration and dismay seem on track to me. Despite getting in nearly immediately,  I got Margaritaville, far down on my list.... hardly the worst option but a friend who got in after me got the MMM, my first choice, which burns a bit.

Nearly everyone I know got nothing or a B list downtown hotel. Which also tracks. 

If open reservations are still scheduled for May 2, you can expect a frenzy of interest and possibly some tech delays.  Be patient and tenacious but also realistic; holding out to the bitter end for the Hard Rock might lead to a very bitter outcome indeed. If you see a reasonably good hotel, grab it.

I'll try to take my own advice. For now, try to stay positive even if you were not blessed today.

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