Hotel Day is nigh - probably

 14 APRIL 2024

As the world trembles on the brink of war, some of us are thinking of, well, San Diego Comic-Con. Or more precisely, where we'll set up a temporary nerd lair this July. Last year, the hotel lottery was announced on April 10 and took place on April 12. In 2022, the sale was on April 28 and was also announced with less than 48 hours notice - so no, we didn't get that much notice and we probably won't this time either. 

Last night I dreamt I got the Hyatt. Will the sale be announced this week? Or next? Maybe. We know it's soon because CCI says Early Bird ends in April - and the hotel list is live on their site. As always, you should check that out. Especially if you tend to get nervous or freeze up during the sale.

So what will the 2024 hotel sale be like?

I don't know but last year we had....

  • A fun date mismatch that eventually got adjusted
  • Just one round of room assignments - mostly downtown
  • A brisk sale pace
Initially, people did that assignment math they do every year to prove some kind of injustice - but ultimately, the pickings were decent when open reservations opened up. 

If you're a CCI veteran, you know there is a twist or surprise almost every badge or hotel sale. There will be a snafu, a glitch, a change in rules, and an army of attendees desperately screenshotting errors in hopes of CCI making it right.  And it never gets easier to be on the receiving end of that kind of unfairness.

So hope for the best and keep your eyes peeled for the official CCI announcement. Study the list of hotels. Talk to potential roommates and make sure everyone is aligned on budget and who's staying with who. If you want an Early Bird room, book it immediately. The hotel lottery could be this week, it could be in May, but it's best to prepare now.

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