How Open Registration goes is anyone's guess

 18 NOVEMBER 2023

10:25 am

And it's over. So sorry for those of you who were unable to claim a badge. My observations...

Overall, from announcement to finish, CCI's badge sale culture has vastly improved. I like the clarity of the instructions, the new site design, the communication overall. People say CCI doesn't listen to its base but I think they do. 

That said, the UX still needs work. They really need to just treat Preview Night like another badge day. Stop putting it in weird places with strange processes. Have it appear Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It creates chaos for us and I'm sure it was more work for them to create that strange new option for people who had 4 days. Can this really not be streamlined?

The sale was less glitchy than most I've been in, but some people did experience strange things. Passwords (copy pasted) not working the first time, then working the second time. People deemed ineligible even though they had less than the full package. Me with a session refusing to show me any days though they were all available. 

On the whole, I suspect that demand for 2024 has dropped. I say that because I see a far higher percentage of "I got all 4 days" and only a few "I got nothing." The wails of getting shut out used to reach a fever pitch. This year - of course I still feel terrible for those people but they don't seem as legion as they used to be.

Maybe I'm wrong. How did you do? Was today a day of tragedy or victory for you?

9:35 am PST

So far - a much smoother sale than Returning Registration. 

I got in fairly quickly but my session would not show me any badges. Nada. Just was not there. Someone else at the same time bought Preview Night for me and all 4 days were available.

Next snafu - those of us with 4 days could buy Preview Night at first. Then some of us with 4 days couldn't - but we could buy Preview Night for other people who had nothing.

So that was annoying, but on the whole, this sale went far more smoothly. How did you do?

8:17 am PST

It's finally here, the last badge sale for 2024 San Diego Comic-Con. Presumably CCI will do more badge auctions next year - but that's expensive so realistically, today is your last chance to attend.

My prediction: I think the sale will go slowly but more smoothly than Returning Registration. I still think someone cranked up the pace at one point and a lot of us got screwed in the process; if that's true, they won't do that this time.

Still, I'm not feeling confident. Not only is Open Registration more competitive, it will have quite a few people who crashed and burned in Ret Reg.

I am sort of one of them, in that my Preview Night session got bounced at the finish line, but I did manage to get 4 days in another try. I want to get Preview Night today but my first priority is helping friends whose sessions died and so they currently have nothing.

What are you hoping for today? Are you hopeful?

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