4 Hotel Day reminders

23 FEBRUARY 2020

Just a quick warning: Hotel Day hasn't been announced yet, but we can almost certainly expect it in March or April - and if you haven't yet, you should get ready. That means:
  1.  Make sure you have enough room on your (or someone's) credit card for a 2-night deposit. This isn't something you can put off; when you lock down your room, that deposit is required. 
  2. Get clear with prospective roommates on who's bunking with who, how much you're all willing to pay and who's willing to sleep on an air mattress, sofa, etc.
  3. Decide which downtown and non-downtown hotels you prefer and which ones you can accept. If you're new to CCI's hotel sale, you'll get to select your top 6 downtown and non-downtown hotels - but you can easily wind up assigned a hotel you didn't pick.
  4. If you're willing to take an Early Bird room, grab it now. That option goes away before the hotel lottery goes live and the good rooms disappear before that - so don't wait any longer and commit.

I'll post more details on successfully navigating the sale as we get closer. Those of you who are joining me at Emerald City, you're probably hoping the hotel lottery doesn't happen until we get back. Hotel Day 2019 didn't happen until April so we might get our wish - but play it safe anyhow.

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