So we're probably getting a fall SDCC badge sale

6 AUGUST 2019

It is way too soon to think about Returning Registration for SDCC - for me, at least, but not for CCI. Because here we are: they've sent out their usual email about converting your child's status to "junior badge" eligibility if they were 13 or older on 31 July 2019. The deadline is 5 September.

So why do we care? This obviously applies to a small number of attendees who were 12 at Comic-Con a few weeks ago but now are the magic age of 13. I'm guessing most of us aren't/don't have a kid in those parameters. However, this email does line up nicely with last year's email - which went out on 8 August and had a deadline of 6 September. So that points to a possible alignment with last year's Returning Registration, which fell on 13 October.

An October badge sale isn't guaranteed, but it's worth keeping in mind as you make your fall travel plans and scheme with your buying group. Every year there are people complaining about not being financially prepared for the badge sale - if this is you, start a badge fund now.

And if you do have a youngster who just turned 13? Create a Member ID just like you did for yourself, but choose "Junior" and be sure to have their 2019 badge handy.


  1. I know I'm eligible for the first sale. So can I buy for the rest of my family?

  2. You can only buy for people eligible for returning registration.

  3. I know I'm eligible for the first sale.
    If I buy tickets for 2020 Comic-con and I miss it, I'll be eligible for the 2021 returning attendee sale?

    1. According to CCI rules, you have to actually attend Comic-Con to be eligible for Returning Reg. However - people have reported being eligible despite missing the past Comic-Con. Whether that was a CCI oversight or something else, who knows. At any rate, if you're thinking of taking a gap year, you may lose your eligibility for RR.