San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is over

21 JULY 2019

It's Sunday night. Comic-Con is over. This was a notable year in many aspects, from some truly magnificent panels to some astounding disorganization. Every attendee has a different Con and so far I've heard a range of reports - joy, alienation, frustration, enthrallment. Hopefully your Con brought you something incredible.

I'll post my first-timer reports and an overall summary in the next coming days. I also want to talk about a disturbing pattern of ruthlessness that was really noticeable this year. For me, it started with a random guy walking up to me and punching me hard in the arm and continued from there, and many other people reported aggressive incidents - from line cutting and bullying to shoving to extreme rudeness. Since the SDCC community has always been known for its helpful and easygoing camaraderie, I really hope this year was an outlier. I'm not going to go to a Con where attendees twice my size push me away from a chair so they can sit in it.

First-timers - while it's true that we're just wrapping up this year's journey, it won't be long until we start this cycle all over again. You'll be eligible for Returning Registration this year so stay alert and be prepared to triumph in what will probably be another fall badge sale. (Though it could be later.) And think critically over what you liked and didn't like this past week. While your first Comic-Con is always exciting, the second one is usually more satisfying - because you'll know how to navigate and hone in on your prey.

Send me your stories. I'll get my summary up as soon as I can. Until then.

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