Is this your first San Diego Comic-Con?

13 JULY 2019

Are you headed to San Diego Comic-Con for the first time? If so, I want to hear your story.

Seeing Comic-Con through virgin eyes is always fascinating - which is why I've collected stories from SDCC first-timers year after year. I like hearing what they thought, their biggest mistakes, their biggest wins, and if they'll try to return next summer. 

And while you as a first-timer can certainly benefit from the experiences of jaded old-timers like me, you'll learn just as much (if not more) from people who were recently new.

So. If you have a tale about losing your San Diego Comic-Con virginity - you fell asleep in Hall H and napped through GOT, you got a last-minute ticket to the Fandom party, a stranger traded you an It signing for a Conan Funko Pop - I'm all ears if you want to tell it. Because while I don't know precisely what kind of Comic-Con you're going to have, I do know it'll leave you with some fascinating stories.

You can shoot me an email during or after the Con. I'll remind you of this again -  but if you want to get on my list now, let me know by emailing

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