Let's talk about Conan tickets and Team Coco House

1 JULY 2019

Happy Comic-Con month! We're just two weeks and change away from Preview Night. I think (well, I know) that some attendees expected more blow-out announcements by now for year 50. And maybe we'll still get some. But what we do have guaranteed is Conan and Team Coco House, with those tickets coming up fast.

Conan Tickets
I don't know when they'll go on sale. I hope we'll get our email with the special attendee code before that happens, but it's still unlikely we'll get much advanced notice. Some people are expecting it this week; I think next week is more likely.

Team Coco House
We do know tickets for this are available next week. And yes, they're easier to get. This pop-up comedy club has food, podcasts, live comics, trivia games, swag and more at 401 G Street (walking distance of the Con.) Last year people raved about Team Coco House so don't dismiss this as plan B for people who can't get tickets to the tapings.

Last year people were selling - or at least advertising - Conan tickets for hundreds of dollars. Ignore these people. Most (all?) don't have tickets, for one thing. For another, turning free tickets into a cottage industry poisons the SDCC attendee culture, IMO, where we tend to help each other out in a spirit of generosity and equal trades. Paying these people is just encouraging more of them to come fill up the neighborhood like profit-motivated raccoons. Thirdly, Conan eats up a lot of time and yet the taping itself is over in a flash. There are many, many other activities around Comic-Con to fascinate you and absorb your time for free.

Other Activities
First-timers, I know you've seen a lot of focus on Conan. Please don't think it is the only offsite worth attending. If you don't get tickets, you'll be fine. Attendees just really love ConanCon; add to that a hard-to-get, unpredictably scheduled ticket offering, and all our obsessive boxes get checked. The SDCC programming should be announced this week (on a day by day basis) and you will see how much there is to do.

All that said, stay vigilant. These are the days when some of the best parties and events offer their tickets.


  1. Thank you for the tips/advice on ConanCon, Valerie. I remember when we used to be able to line up for standby. That was the only chance I had to attend because I belong to the Lottery Losers club! :)

    1. It says a lot when lining up for standby is a fond memory. :) Good luck this year!!