Tomorrow is the ECCC ticket sale

16 OCTOBER 2018

The ticket sale for one of the most exciting Comic Cons happens tomorrow - Wednesday, 17 October, at noon PST. I'm referring, of course, to Emerald City Comic Con.

I've sung Emerald City's praises many times - you can see two examples here and here. But here's a quick summary of why I love it and why I think you could love it too:

  • ECCC feels like a real comic book convention - not a booming Hollywood hype machine with a few boxes of back issues crammed in. 
  • The Artist's Alley is like no other. It's not shoved in some ignored corner of the convention center. It's a major part of the Con and it's spectacular.
  • Their guests are on point. Generally speaking, there is one room that functions as a Hall H and that's your main option for seeing TV and movie guests (who tend to be really good.) In some ways, that simplicity adds up to an easier and more satisfying Con.
  • In fact, pretty much all of ECCC is easier. Lines are shorter or non-existent, your hotel will be very close and so will most of the events you go to. 
  • Eating, drinking and sleeping is more civilized than at NYCC or SDCC. There are plenty of bars and restaurants right there. And you can sleep in without missing the day's events, because you can usually get into them last minute.
  • The cosplay is world class. 
  • The tickets and hotels are at a friendlier price point than San Diego and New York.

And - sorry to rub salt in your wound - this is a very attractive option for those of you who didn't get an SDCC badge last weekend. Open Registration offers you a second chance but the competition will be stiff. Putting Emerald City in your back pocket can take the sting out of missing San Diego.

Conquering the Sale

  • There will be a queue, as with most big Con ticket sales. Put aside some time for this.
  •  Full tickets will go fast. You should be able to still get all 4 days separately but Saturday has sold out within a week the past 2 years. 
  •  Hotels will go live at the same time.
  •  Don't spin out with anxiety - this isn't as ruthless as a SDCC badge sale. Just be prepared with your hotel choice and your credit card and you'll do okay.

To get tickets, go here tomorrow and wait for the sale to go live.

And if you're on the fence - say yes to this. ECCC has gone from a cool local Con to a semi-secret gem popular with comic fans to one of the highest-rated Cons in the world. Take a chance and go. I don't think you'll regret it.


  1. I find that ECCC is better than SDCC for comics, Artists' Alley, gaming, cosplay and literary guests. What's missing is that Hollywood studio presence/cast panels//screenings, etc. But it's nice. It allows me to relax and enjoy the parts of con that I just don't have time for at SDCC.

    1. Agree. It really is less stress, less waiting and a lot of fun.