ECCC tickets are live

17 OCTOBER 2018

12:20 pm

And I've gotten my first complaint about full tickets being sold out. Apparently some people still think of this as a sleepy 2nd-tier Con that's easy to get badges for. While it's not quite as competitive as SDCC or NYCC, it's still highly popular and not an easy get.

I'd advise jumping in now to get all 4 days if you want them.

12:14 pm

Looks like full tickets are gone - but you can still get all 4 days separately. You'll just pay a bit more.

12:13 pm

Just a reminder - you can book your hotel too when you're done. I booked a room at the Sheraton, natch, and rooms with double beds were already unavailable for Wednesday night (king rooms were available.) In my experience, ECCC hotel rooms tend to look booked and then be available again - but it's best to book your room now.

12:06 pm

That was painless. I was in the queue at noon and into the buying session at 12:02.

How are you doing?

11:58 am

Tickets for Emerald City are about to go live. The sale should go smoothly - but I expect full tickets will sell out quickly. If you are planning on going and want the full show, make sure you get in at noon PST on the dot.

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