Get ready for Emerald City Comic Con registration - press, pros and attendees


If you're a comic book nerd, you obviously have Emerald City Comic Con on your mind right now - because this is the season tickets go on sale. And now ECCC has announced a few dates for all of us:

14 September: This is when Press and Pros can apply. If you get your application in by the 28th, they'll get back to you by 12 October - so you'll know if you need to buy a ticket the old-fashioned way on...

17 October: This is the open ticket sale for ECCC. It's on a Wednesday, so you don't need to worry about it conflicting with SDCC Returning Reg, which is usually on a Saturday morning.

Emerald City happens 14-17 March in Seattle. And yes, you want to go.

Stay tuned!

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