Welcome to Open Registration


10:16 am

So what did we think about this sale?

I noticed that Preview Night sold out quicker than in Returning Reg. That doesn't mean fewer PN badges were sold - the pacing could have been different - but I do wonder if CCI decided to allot more PN badges to returning attendees. There seemed to be a longer gap between PN selling out and Saturday going as well.

Several first-timers told me they got lucky with 3 or 4 days - this is always so gratifying. I was able to help some local first-timers get Sunday or Thursday and Sunday badges, including a mother and daughter who've tried to go for two years now without success. If you fall into this category, don't feel bad if you got a partial badge. SDCC can be quite overwhelming your first time, and you'll get plenty of Con in 1 or 2 days. You'll also find a lot to do outside the Con on your unbadged days.

And if you didn't get a badge? If you completely came up short? I'm sure you're pretty peeved right now. And that's natural. Go ahead and sulk and vent and indulge in something to make yourself feel better. But then you should turn your eyes to the future and look at all the other Cons out there just waiting for you to buy a ticket in 2018. I'll post more on that later.

Whether you did or didn't get a badge, you do know for certain if you're going to San Diego Comic-Con 2018. And you know now, on 9 December. Did you like completing both sales before the new year? I really see a lot of benefits in it - a major one being that you can claim that week as sacred now, before your family tries to guilt you into attending a cousin's wedding or your boss tries to make you cover for a coworker having surgery. You can legitimately explain you've already plunked down serious cash on badges and hotel rooms and it's just not up for discussion. You also have more time to hunt for a good airfare deal or find lodging.

Because that's the real monster in our future - the hotel sale. But we can talk about that later. Right now, enjoy your victories and start making plans for your Comic-Con life in 2018.

10:09 am

All sold out!

9:55 am

Thursday's almost gone.

The good news: I now know of 3 first-timers who got in on their own. It's always exciting to know people who going to experience San Diego Comic-Con for the first time.


Saturday and Friday are gone. Hang in there.

9:20 am

Preview Night is almost gone.

9:08 am

Okay, people are getting in.

8:57 am

Almost here. Our last sale, Returning Reg, took noticeably longer to sell out Preview Night and Saturday. Remember that today if you don't get picked right away. We don't know what today's pace will be, but you may as well grab at whatever hope you can.

8:38 am

A final word of advice for first-timers - grab whatever badge you can. Yes, even if it's just Sunday. Unless you're flying in from Melbourne or something, it's still worth it. You can fly in on Friday, get settled, do some events that night, do the offsites on Saturday and then enter the convention center on Sunday. And you'll be eligible for Returning Reg next year.

8:24 am

Welcome to Open Registration for San Diego Comic-Con! Today is the day you confirm you're going to SDCC - hopefully. You can start planning your Wrinkle in Time cosplay, book a room in the Early Bird Hotel sale and brag to all your friends.

Or today you realize you're definitely not going to SDCC next summer. If this happens, don't feel too devastated. You have time to plan for other Cons like New York, Boston, Dragon, Emerald City and others. Don't think these will pale in comparison - they won't. You'll have fun.

If you remember 2017 Open Reg, it was kind of ugly. It set a personal record for me of people not getting in at all. Let's hope this year is a little easier like Returning Reg- but even if it isn't, you'll work something out.


  1. My boyfriend and I got Thursday and Sunday tickets. We're just relieved we finally got something. I can truly say I am going to Comicon.

  2. Same here I got Sun & Thu like at 9:59AM! I was really about to give up. Miracles can happen :)

  3. Right in the middle of having bronchitis, and by some miracle, I was able to snag four days, Thursday to Sunday. My jaw dropped having nearly falling asleep after taking some OTC cold meds. I was afraid I would've missed registration altogether. This is the first time I've had four days in a row in about fours years. It's ok I didn't get preview night since I was underwhelmed the last few times I went.

  4. Hi when will Ace parking purchase for SDCC be available? Nothing beats parking when it's at Convention Center or Bayfront (so convenient)

    1. That's a great question. They're not necessarily yoked to CCI's new accelerated pace, so I'd guess their lottery will still happen in the spring.