Play Santa with ECCC holiday certificates


ECCC Happy Holidays

Emerald City Comicon is once again celebrating the season of giving with pretty gift certificates to its Con. One is more nature-themed and one more Seattle-themed; you can see them here. Obviously the one with the dragon and Sasquatch is my favorite. (Have we ever had an ECCC t-shirt of Sasquatch attending the Con? We need one.)

You will note that "ticket type" is left blank for you to write in. These aren't tickets themselves, just a colorful way to notify someone else you bought them a nice nerdy present. And if you didn't already buy a 4-day ticket or all 4 single days, well, you can still get Thursday, Friday and Sunday - but Saturday is sold out.

I'm kind of hoping CCI will do something similar with San Diego Comic-Con, since this is the first year in forever that you could surprise your first-timer child, best friend or beau with a badge on Christmas morning. (Sparing them the trauma of the badge sale: an additional gift.) In the meantime, we've got these pretty certificates. If they don't motivate you to buy some ECCC badges and give your favorite nerd an amazing holiday gift, I don't know what will.

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