Dealing with your post-Ret Reg grief

31 OCTOBER 2017

Happy Halloween! In addition to being the season of candy and inappropriate costumes, it's also the season of darkness and grief - so it's fitting that some of you are currently reeling from a loss in Saturday's badge sale.

Initially the mood was one of jubilation on Saturday - it seemed like everyone was getting in super quick, people were surprised by getting picked for Preview Night or 4 days for the first time in years, and the smoothness of the sale itself was a welcome change for those of us who remember the days of crashed sites and constant error messages.

But not everyone got in. Not everyone got a badge. Some wound up staring at a receipt for Sunday only. So it's to you I'm speaking today. Just two things to remember:

  • Open Registration is brutal, but it is still another chance to upgrade. Work with a group if you're not already. Reach out to online Con communities and ask for help. Even if you don't wind up with the badge of your dreams, you'll still have more Con friends who might be able to help in other ways. Don't forget Volunteer Reg as well.

  • Don't dismiss your Thursday/Sunday badge. I know a lot of attendees were disappointed when Nerd HQ pulled out last summer, but everyone can admit there's still plenty to do outside the Con. I can't even count the number of people who insisted they had to have a full 4-day badge and then by Saturday they were too tired to get out of bed. Do the offsites, sleep in, round up your pals for a long eating and drinking extravaganza. If there's a panel you absolutely cannot miss on Friday or Saturday, see if someone will loan you a badge for a few hours.

And if you're reading this because you've never even been to San Diego Comic-Con, let alone participated in a badge sale - fear not, because I'm going to post on how you can squirm your way into the Con next summer. For now, read these basic steps and create your Member ID.

Till then, have some Halloween fun and try not to feel too gloomy over your dismal luck on Saturday. You'll find a way to triumph.

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