Thursday programming is up

6 JULY 2017

Today is the day you've been waiting for: SDCC Thursday programming is up. We've got a tribute to Adam West, a welcome for R.L. Stines, a special Trump panel, creative panels for writers, artists, gamers and more, lots of comic and film sneak peeks, and plenty of nerd games and screenings. Who says Thursday's weak? Not me.... for the most part.

Let's start with Preview Night on Wednesday. If pillaging the Exhibit Hall is not to your taste, you can head up to Ballroom 20 to see some of the year's most anticipated TV pilots. Those would be Deception, Krypton, Black Lightning and an episode of Teen Titans Go.

(People without a PN badge: these pilots will screen a second time during the Con.)

Onto Thursday programming. Let's look at the big rooms:

Hall H: 20th Century Fox gets it all started at 11:30, then we have Brigsby Bear cast and crew at 12:45. The ever-enduring Teen Wolf is at 2, and then Netflix brings us Bright and Death Note at 3:15. Finally we have the Nerdist panel with Chris Hardwick.

Ballroom 20: The Animation Show of Shows starts the day at 10. The "world premiere sneak peak" of Medinah is at 11:45, followed by Syfy's Great Debate and then - be still my fluttering heart - the Battlestar Galactica Reunion at 2:30. The afternoon closes with The Strain at 3:45, Legion at 5 and Marvel's Inhumans at 6:15.

Indigo Ballroom: The 5th Annual Musical Anatomy of a Superhero kicks off at 10, followed by Con favorite John Barrowman at 11. Stitchers is at noon, followed by Shadowhunters at 1; then Colony is back at 2, followed by Van Helsing at 3 and Z Nation at 4. Doctor Who is at 5 and then Sega and Sonic in Concert at 6.


If you don't want to do one of the big rooms, you can still catch some good panels in 6BCF: Voltron is at 10:30. DC Universe movies is at 2:15, Timeless is at 3:30, followed by Ghosted at 4:45 and The Exorcist at 6. 12 Monkeys is at 7:15.

Room 6A also has some good showings: Teen Titans Go! is at 10, followed by Unikitty at 11:15, then Justice League Action at 12:30, followed by Rocko's Modern Life at 1:45 and Batman's 25th anniversary at 4:15. There's also an IMDb panel with our friend Kevin Smith at 5:30.

Women in Animation are in 7AB at 10.

Ghostbusters - the movie and comic book - will be discussed in room 6E at 10:15. "Be there or be slimed."

If you're a Venture Bros fan, report at room 23ABC to talk about the show and art book.

Curious about the creative process behind the various monsters, dragons and creatures in your favorite movies and games? Room 29AB at 11 will discuss Monsters, Mutants and Mysteries.

"Roddenberry Presents" will share "some rarely seen treasures" from the vault and talk Star Trek and an upcoming animation project. Swag is hinted at.

"IFC's Stan Against Evil" will be in 5AB at 2.

Howard Lovecraft and The Undersea Kingdom has a panel at 3 in room32AB. Swag is good: plush toys, shirts and free DVDs.

The Watcher in the Woods is back, and will have an Q&A at 3 in room 7AB.

Spike and Mike have a screening at 4 in room 25ABC. It's appropriate for anyone 10 and up, so this isn't the "sick and twisted" one you may have expected.

Stargate fans can celebrate the fandom at the Marriott at 6 pm.

Comics, Books, Gaming and Collectibles

DC Collectibles is at 10 in Room 9.

DC meets YA at 10 in room 23ABC.

The "kookiest, kraziest" Golden Age comic book heroes are revived from obscurity at 10 in room 28DE.

Are you old enough to remember the 1960s? Underground Comix will be celebrated at 11 in room 9 with oldsters recounting "the artistic, political and pharmaceutical revolutions that transformed comics from the streets of San Francisco to the wilds of Wisconsin."

Hasbro Transformer collectors will gather in room 25ABC at 11.

IDW graphic novels are in 28DE at 11.

Call of Duty brings you Nazi Zombies in room 6BCF at 11:45; Marvel Games follows at 1.

The CBLDF talks censorship in room 11 at noon, followed by "She Changed Comics" at 1.

Room 29AB has a JAKKS Pacific preview at noon.

If you want a free gift, go to the Sherlock Comics panel at noon in 5AB.

Karen Berger and Paul Levitz talk Legion, Vertigo and comics at 12:30 in room 4.

Are you an armchair psychiatrist who wants to diagnose every inpatient at Arkham Asylum? Go to the Marriott at 1.

ComiXology holds an AMA at 2:30 in room 8.

Did you know that Japan has a special relationship with Snoopy? A panel on Peanuts in Japan will be at 3 in room 23ABC.

Robert Kirkman tells all at 3 in room 6A.

Did you see the Gumby comic on the new release shelves yesterday? He's back with his own series, which has a panel at 3:30 in room 26AB.

Marvel shares sneak previews at 4 in room 5AB.

Oh look, R.L. Stine is coming to SDCC for the first time. You can visit him in 6DE at 4:30.

If you like the American Gods comic, come meet some of the creators in room 2 at 4:30.

And you can find out "the challenges of creating, publishing and distributing comic books in Mexico under the shadow of the American industry." 5:30 in room 26AB.

Disney Kingdoms has its own panel at 6 in room 7AB.

Simon & Schuster will hand out swag, prizes and look at the "hottest books and properties" coming your way.

The Femme Magnifique anthology will be featured at 7 pm in room 2.

If you're anticipating Netflix's Castlevania, report to 5AB at 7 for behind the scenes stories from cast and crew.



Visit the Marriott for your cosplay education: the annual Cosplay 101 panel will be at 11. Then you can study Doctor Who cosplay at 2.

At 6, you can head to 23ABC for "Masquerade 101" which promises "an overview of fan convention competitions."

And finishing the evening at 8, the 501st Legion talks "Introduction to Villainous Costuming in the Star Wars Universe."


We get to talk about nanotechnology at 1:30 in room 8 - both how it's portrayed in Hollywood and "cutting edge research applications today."
"Iron Man Tech" is in room 32AB at 2, featuring "innovations that could have come straight out of Stark Industries." A flying scientist with a jet engine-powered suit will be there.

"Art Heroines" will discuss using science to make art at home. Room 26AB at 4:30.

"Hollyweird Science" will talk about the motivation and inspiration of sci-fi films vs. actual scientific veracity. 7:30 pm in 26AB.


The illustrious Maxwell Alexander Drake sweeps back into Comic-Con at 10 in room 2 to improve your storytelling skills.

But if you're already an ace writer, you can brush up your PR chops by attending "How to Get News Coverage" at 10:30 am in room 8.

"New Methods in Digital Painting and Coloring" is at 11:30 in room 2.

The first of what I'm sure will be several "Break into Comics" panel is at noon in 28DE.

"The Pitching Hour" is also at noon in 7AB and covers everything from pitch docs to agents to IP law.

But if you're tired of listening at this point, you can do actual writing exercises in the Marriott under the aegis of "The Writer's Danger Room."

Find out how to cross over from web comics to print at 1 in 28DE.

Or find out how to use Adobe to go "From Illustration to Animation" at 1 in room 2.

And yep, here's the second "Break into Comics" and this time it's the "Marvel Way." At 1 in 25ABC.

"Editing Comics" is at 1:30 in room 4.

If you want to learn Jack Kirby's tricks, report to room 2 at 2.

"The Art of Story" as told by Disney is ready to share their story development process. Room 7AB at 2.

You can find out "How to Color Comic Art" at 2 in room 11.

And you can find out how to make comics "the Image Comics way" at 2 in 23ABC, following by a painting panel at 3.

A "Writing 101" panel is in room 11 at 3.

"Creating Immersive Game Story" discusses game story strategy in room 24ABC at 3:30.

The "Be a Financial Superhero" panel is back for creatives who are struggling to balance healthcare and income concerns with the creative life. In the Marriott at 4.

Another "Breaking into Comics" is at 4 in room 11.

At 5, you can find out "Secrets to Greenlight Your Indie Project" at 5 in the Marriott.

"Comics PR and Marketing101" will be in room 8 at 6:30.

"Making a Living Off Your Art" is at 6:30 in 24ABC.

Find out how to brand yourself as an artist at 7:30 in room 8.

Nerd Culture

The Nerdstrong panel on fitness is at 10 in the Marriott.

The first diversity panel of the Con is at 10 with various creators discussing the "diversity of background and thought" in your favorite franchises.

"Intersectional Feminism in Comics" is in room 32AB at noon.

"Raising Fankids" is at noon in the Marriott to help your offspring "grow up nerdy without the negative connotation."

"A Bunch of Jews" will discuss the anthology at 12:30 in 24ABC.

The latest year up for a nerd retrospective is 1987. Room 5AB at 3.

Apparently "Nerd Living" is a thing and this panel will teach you about incorporating nerdery into "crafts, cooking and fashion." At the Marriott at 3.

"Moonlight and Magic" discusses black LGBTQ contributions to sci-fi, comics and genre work at 5 pm in room 28DE.

Rainbow nerds can discuss the "LGBTQ Geek Year in Review" at 6 in 28DE.

The Women in Comics Collective will talk about "Race, Gender and the Comic Book Medium" at 6 in 32AB.

You knew we'd have some kind of Trump panel this year, so here's one: "The Trump Presidential Library Panel" at 6:30 in 26AB. "Can satire keep up with reality?" I'll say no but you'll have to attend this to find out.

If you were hoping for an Adam West tribute at SDCC, go to 6DE at 7 to "celebrate his beloved performance." Lots of special guests for this one and probably a very long line. Hopefully this sparks some1960s Batman cosplay.

"It Gets Geekier" talks about queer representation at 7:30 in 24ABC.

Are you trying to hold gaming tournaments in your comic shop?  "Successful Gaming Tournaments" will explain how at 7 in 28DE.

Image result for will eisner


When the sun goes down, there's still plenty to do - mostly game shows and screenings.

Play the Fan Game Show is at 8 in room 32AB, hosted by Marc Thompson.

Or you can play "Name That Movie" in room 9 at 8.

Luke Cage fans, you will want to go to his trial at 8 in 23ABC.

Cartoon Network brings back their screening and cosplay contest: 7AB at 8 pm.

There's a Kung Fu Extravaganza at 8 in room 6A.

SF and Fantasy Book Trivia is at 8:30 in room 4, with special guest appearances.

A Spanish-speaking episode of Comics Con Comics is at 8:30 in 26AB.

And of course, we have Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along at 8:30 in 6BCF.

If you've lasted till 9 pm, you can catch the Will Eisner documentary in room 9 at 9.

And of course, Netflix will have a surprise screening at Horton at 10.

So what do we think? Thursday is always strong on comics and creative panels and that's true this year. The science aspect is weak and the cosplay panels are hit and miss, depending on your skill level. The evening offerings are business as usual. Hollywood is slightly lower wattage than the weekend, but still good; still, I don't see too many people trading their Thursday Conan tickets for this. In fact, I think a lot of people with Preview Night badges will spend Thursday on offsites.

Just my take. If you're in love with Thursday, have at it. In the meantime, start filling out your agenda and be ready for tomorrow's Friday announcements.

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