Sneak peak at outside SDCC events

23 JUNE 2015

CCI shared a few outside events today, and it looks like we have returning favorites and some new activities. But before we get to those, let me issue a simple clarification for first-timers (and any non-badge holders, actually.)

You will see frequent references to "outside events." These fall into 2 buckets:

1) events and activities that are officially endorsed by CCI and part of the SDCC umbrella. Usually you need a badge for these; but some will let you participate if you don't. If you don't have a badge, ask before you waste a lot of time in line. Example: Anything listed below.

2) those that are operated by entirely separate entities. You don't need a badge for these in most cases, though some organizers will specify their events are for badge-holders only. Example: The Walking Dead Escape, Nerd HQ, the Nerdist podcast.

The first group is much smaller than the second group - hence the wave of people who crowd into the area during Comic-Con, even though they don't have a badge. One of SDCC's greatest attributes is the network of parties, networking, shows, festivals and other events that surround it; however, that's also become one of the greatest drawbacks for attendees as these draw in thousands of people who compete with us for hotel rooms and parking spots.

Onto the SDCC events. These are all free.

What's Back

Assassin's Creed. They brought an obstacle course last year that was fun just to watch. Once again it's by the Hilton Gaslamp Thursday-Sunday.

The Xbox Lounge. It's in the Hyatt this year, with over 90 gaming stations.

The Nintendo Lounge. Apparently this is still at the Marriott.

The Her Universe Fashion Show. Thursday, 9 July, at the Hyatt. 6-8 pm.

Adult Swim. Not in Petco Park's parking lot this year, but over behind the convention center by the ferry landing. The Meatwad Full Dome Experience is back and they'll have nightly screenings and daily live streaming events. Adult Swim normally has original events and great swag, so definitely put this on your list.

Game of Thrones, Experience The Realm. This is back at its spot across from the Omni Hotel. Word to the wise: the line for this grows lengthier every day as word of it spreads, so try to get to it on Thursday or Friday.

What's New

Ice Cream for Scream Queens. Multiple locations. Free ice cream? Yes, please.

NBC's World of Heroes Reborn and Blindspot. 5th Ave and Harbor Drive.

The FX Fearless Arena Escape. A live action VR mission. "Bundle up for a blizzard in the Fargo giant inflatable snow globe. Survive a medieval duel inspired by The Bastard Executioner. Check into a whole new American Horror Story." This will happen by the Hilton Bayfront, giving Hall H campers something to eye wistfully as the hours pass.

If you're one of the many attendees who has a free day - Saturday, maybe Friday too - I'm hoping you realize now why a non-SDCC day can still be busy and fun. Getting out of the convention center and wandering around to take in all the off-site events is a great break from sitting in panel after panel or shuffling through the humid Exhibit Hall. And bear in mind that we're still 2 weeks out from the Con - even more events will be announced right up through 8 July. Just something to remember when you pour over the programming in a few days. Instead of allotting your every moment to panels, leave some breathing room to get out and go wherever your feelings take you.

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