A look at Saturday programming

8 JULY 2017

Saturday: it's often the most obnoxious day at the Con. It seems more crowded, the Exhibit Hall smells like a swamp, and when you step out for a break, the Gaslamp is jam-packed with outsiders. Sometimes the only thing you can do is escape into a panel or five, and today offers plenty of options.

The Big Rooms
Hall H shows it’s almost as good as Friday with Warner Bros., that EW Women Who Kick Ass panel at 2, then Stranger Things at 3 and Westworld at 4:15. Marvel comes in at 5:30. 

Ballroom 20 has a very big day. Once Upon a time kicks off at 10, followed by Riverdale at 11; we’ll see some people leave after that, which could make room for fans of Simpsons at 12, Family Guy and American Dad at 1, Star Trek at 2:30, Supergirl at 3:30, Legends of Tomorrow at 4:10, Black Lightning at 4:50, then Flash and Arrow. At night we have the Masquerade.

Indigo goes in several directions. We have Saturday morning cartoons at 10 and Cartoon Network at 10:50. Then we have The Originals at 12, Krypton at 1:15, Lucifer at 1:50, Gotham at 2:50 and The Magicians at 4. The Expanse follows at 5, then there’s the Guilt 10th Anniversary Reunion and then – coming out of left field – Broad City at 7.


Room 6BCF starts out with the case of Critical Role at 10:30 and then Quick Draw panel at 11:45. Then we go to Cartoon Voices at 1 – then we have panels for Happy!, the Midnight, Texas premiere, TV Guide Favorites at 5:30 and then Seth Rogen’s Future Man. I’d expect traffic in and out all day.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is in 25ABC at 10.

Univision talks about their first multicultural animated special for US and Mexico at 10 in Room 6a.

Find out “the deep dark secrets” of “Inside the Writers’ Room" with various TV luminaries at 10 in room 24ABC.

You can see a sneak peak of SpongeBob’s new Halloween special at 11:15 in 6A.

Are you a fan of old monster and dinosaur flicks? Come to “Warner Archive’s Monsters from Hell” at 11:30 in room 5AB.

“The Science of Rick and Morty” features Nerdist’s Kyle Hill in 7AB at 2.

Line up early: Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously is at 2:05 at the film festival in the Marriott.

Wynonna Earp has a strong SDCC fanbase, so expect this 2:30 panel in room 5AB to involve a line.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 comes to the Horton at 3.

Did you read the creepy little gem that was My Friend Dahmer? It’s now a film and you can see the teaser at the Horton at 4:30.

The cast and crew of new Syfy horror series Ghost Wars will be in 6A at 5:30.

Indie horror fans can see sneak peeks of upcoming movies in 23ABC at 6.


Nerd Culture

“Comics Are for Everyone” will tackle “the intersections of disability, race and gender”  at 10 in room 4.

“The Business of Geek Fashion” is at 10 in the Marriott.

Did you know not all women are about shoe shopping and kittens? Shocking!... To someone, apparently. You can come meet “Women on the Dark Side” at noon in 28DE.

You can see a tour of Forrest Ackerman’s “Ackermansion” which shows his massive collection of horror and fantasy props, costumes and magazines. 12:30 in the Marriott.

Or you can visit “Women and Writers of Color Breaking Barriers” at 4 in room 4 to discuss “what issues they continue to face, and what it will take before there is real change.”

“The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con” talk about creating richer female characters at 6 in the Marriott.


Learn about “Costume Design for Screen” and ask questions at 11 in room 23aBC.

You don't have to be Irina Shayk to pull off your cosplay. Find out how to be cospositive and strut with confidence at noon in the Marriott.

“Makeup Effects for Cosplay” will show “how to create a character makeup using generic foam latex prosthetics.” Marriott at 2.


“Space… The Final Escape” talks about why we keep writing stories set far from earth. Literary cosmonauts should report to room 7AB at 10.

You can join me at the Horton at noon to see “Rising Stars in Tech: Drivers of Innovation and Entertainment” and talk VR, AR, AI, robotics and sustainable tech with leading companies.

“Living in the Future” will talk robots, planetary matters and more. 23ABC at 3.

Comics, Books and Collectibles

Skybound talks about their latest comics in room 29AB at 10.

Congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis, recently called "all talk" by our president, is back with his March trilogy co-creators. They'll talk about their graphic novel, the first to win the National Book Award, Coretta Scott King Book Award, Robert F. Kennedy Book Award, the first since Maus to be a New York Times Nonfiction Best Seller, and the first book in history to receive four simultaneous awards from the American Library Association. At 10 in 23ABC.

If you want to talk Justice League characters, go to room 6DE at 10.

Diamond Minimates gets the spotlight “with prizes for the best questions” in room 8 at 10:30.

First must-see panel of the day for me: Roxane Gay sharing her brilliance in room 5AB at 10:30.

Top Cow founders will reminisce and hand out a special limited-edition comic at 11 in room 9.

Or maybe you want to reminisce about Will Eisner’s The Spirit at 11 in room 4.

Crackdown 3 news is shared at 11 in room 7AB.

CBLDF talks activism in comics at noon in room 11.

DC Essential helps comic book neophytes take those first steps into full-blown addiction. Room 6DE at 11:15.

Kevin Eastman talks about “the events of IDW's biggest summer of TMNT publishing ever!” at 11:30 in room 24ABC.

If you want to talk Japanese manga and get free books and promo items, report to room 8 at 11:30.

Disney is certainly a presence this year and now they’re previewing Disney Comics at noon in room 25ABC.

Memoir, biography, history and journalism on the page get discussed at noon in room 29AB.

Aspen Comics has its usual panel in room 4 at noon.

BOOM! shares previews and news at 12:30 in room 24ABC.

Calling all you Harley fans: you can celebrate her 25th birthday with some of her creators in room 6DE at12:30.

Marvel animation offers “eyefuls of never-before-seen information and sneak peeks-plus, as always, some surprise guests who'll reveal waaay too much!” room 6A at 12:30. 

The Archie comics panel is at 1 in room 4. Given the success of the Riverdale show and comics, this might be more crowded than it usually is.

CBLDF wants to protect comic shops “from police visits and community complaints.” At 1 in room 11.

Celebrate Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday at 1 in room 25ABC.

Image tantalizes you with upcoming titles in room 7AB at 1.

Sailor Moon fans will get news, updates and special guests at 1:30 in room 5AB.

If you like comics but steer clear of superheroes and their superpowers, visit Unconventional Comics at 1:30 in room 8.

Jack Kirby gets another panel with a multimedia retrospective at 2 in room 29AB. Why is this back to back in a different room with his other panel?

Drawn & Quarterly previews upcoming books at 2:30 in room 8.

Doctor Who and Torchwood Comics are on deck in room 5AB at 3:30.

Oh look, it’s Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman having a chat. Room 6DE at 3:30.

Mark Waid, Gail Simone and Erica Henderson talk about revitalizing old comics at 4 in room 23ABC.

Find out about Hasbro Marvel Legends line in room 25ABC at 5.

 “DC Master Class” has your favorite artists sharing their new projects. Room 6DE at 6.

It’s Kevin Eastman again and he’s in room 5AB at 6.

There’s a Magic: The Gathering panel in 24ABC at 6:30.


Maxwell Alexander Drake is back to help you “improve your craft” as a writer at 10 in room 2.

Comic Creator Connection All-Stars “will focus the discussion on how each team built a successful creative partnership from their first handshake to their first draft to their first sale.” 10:00 in 28DE. If you're attending the Sunday session, you might want to take in this panel.
See “advanced cutting-edge 3D and computer graphics comic art techniques that will speed up and improve your storytelling” in room 2 at 11:30.

Are you a genre bender? Come to room 28DE at 1 to “discuss the benefits and tricks of genre blending.”

Do you live a creative lifestyle? Are you inspired, disciplined and healthy? Report to room 29AB at 1 for help if not.

J. Michael Straczynski  will share his knowledge via a Q&A format in “Writing for Television, Film and Comics.” Room 11 at 2.

If you're an indie game developer, learn the keys to success at 6 in room 4.


The annual Gays in Comics is back at 6 in room 29AB. The usual mixer will follow, along with the art auction. Don't be too literal about the title - this is for the BTQ nerds too.

This X-Files panel calls itself a conversation between David Duchovny and Dirk Maggs, which doesn’t tell us what we want to know: will Gillian Anderson be there? 6:45 in room 6A.

Bronies can celebrate their unholy love at the Marriott at 7.

You can join “the Dark Horse Celebration of Diversity” at 5:30 in room 8.

The Arkham Sessions podcast is in room 25ABC at 7.

Channel Zero is back with the premiere of the second season. At the Horton at 8.

Crunchyroll dispenses anime details and special gifts in room 25ABC at 8.

The Temple of Art documentary about various comic giants will be in room 29AB at 8.

You can see the next episode of Blood Drive (new Syfy series where cars run on human blood) at 9:30 at the Horton.

I know how my Saturday looks; how about you? Syfy seems to have its claws firmly in SDCC, there's obviously a bad girl theme happening, and comics panels stay strong. It's not the most exciting day but I would think everyone can find something they like. I know some people will attempt the triple hat-trick of catching Riverdale in Ballroom 20 in the morning and then making it into Hall H for Stranger Things but... well, good luck with that. 

So far I'd say Friday is the best day of panels. (I apologize for my post vanishing, but I don't have time to rewrite it.) But Saturday certainly isn't weak by any means - and if you've done Thursday and Friday, this can be a great day to hit the pool or beach or just meet your friends for an afternoon of drinking. Or just nap so you're fresh for the debauchery of Saturday night.

Tomorrow we'll find out about Sunday. Stay tuned.

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