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12 JUNE 2017

Not the most thunderous day in Comic-Con news, but we did see some exclusives. Such as...

BifBangPow is bringing Batman and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

How cute are the Ren and Stimpy from Funko?

Factory Entertainment unleashed a new Back to the Future Time Circuit keychain. Small + affordable ($15) + loyal fandom = a highly popular exclusive.

If you want to go incognito at SDCC but can't find the right mask, one of these crocheted superhero masks might do the trick.

Are you hungry for a free souvenir? NinjaBot is giving away free buttons at booth L-08.

Finally, Moebius Models showed off some very cool exclusives, including:
  • BvS Batwing finished version with bag, 150 pieces
  • Frazetta Death Dealer exclusive edition with signature sleeve and pin, 120 pieces
  • Frazetta Death Dealer Pin Set, 400 pieces
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey HAL pin, 1000 pieces

Being semi-obsessed with HAL, I am definitely getting that pin. I actually thought it was a fancy IoT doorbell at first, one that could address visitors in a HAL voice, but a pin is good too. And just so you know, the BvS Batwing (pictured up top) comes pre-assembled out of the box and includes a cockpit, landing gear and removable forward gun housing.

While anyone can order, Moebius is focusing on SDCC attendees picking up at the show. If you want to place a pre-order, email


And yes - badges are still arriving in attendee mailboxes.

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