Let's kick off the SDCC Daily for 2017

10 JUNE 2017

It's happening; we're getting new announcements on the regular about exclusives, comics and more. So what's happened lately?

If you got your badge days ago, it might be hard to believe they're still landing in mailboxes - but they are. Just like last year, photos are getting stolen off social media so block out your name if you post yours.

Diamond has paraded their 2017 exclusives around to Internet applause - Batman Beyond/Terry McGinnis, Dark Phoenix, an emerald-studded Poison Ivy, Ghostbusters, the Flash and more.

 Entertainment Earth brings us Spider-Man and Green Goblin; Icon Heroes brings a Rebirth Wonder Woman; Factory Entertainment announced that Deadpool co-creater Fabian Nicieza is doing a rare signing on Friday and Saturday of their Deadpool collectibles.

And if you have a spare $250 in your pocket, you can pick up Stan Lee's God Woke graphic novel there at the Factory Entertainment booth as well. It's okay if you keep accidentally calling it Woke God; I do too.

Do you want to walk the runway at the Her Universe SDCC show? Share your own personal Wonder Woman in this Hot Topic contest.

Black Panther has electrified the fan world this week; expect some expert cosplay and very long lines for anything Pantherian at the Con.

A word on exclusives for first-timers - they're not always that exclusive. If, for instance, you feel it's just not Christmas without the Starship Enterprise hanging from your tree, and you're worried you can't hack the SDCC Hallmark line, you'll be glad to know Hallmark will sell more of these ornaments beyond the 225 they're dishing out daily at the Con. Same holds for little Walrus Man below and some other booths/manufacturers. Do your homework before you waste time in line. I'll do a post on crafting your exclusives strategy.

After innumerable contributions to our collective nerd life, Adam West passed away at the age of 88. His Con panels were incredible and I think we can all agree that there's nothing better than watching stodgy Batman get flustered as Julie Newmar slinks around 1960's Batman episodes. Let's hope Adam gets the special commemoration he deserves at the Con.

We know Adult Swim is bringing the RickMobile to Comic-Con - but attendees are wondering if their On the Green tour is coming to SDCC. Dates haven't been announced yet if so.

Behold the first Preview Night acquisition I will hold in my arms: Death from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. What's your #1 exclusive wish so far?

Finally, a reminder for those of you who want to attend a Conan taping - make sure you are signed up in your Member ID account to receive third-party emails. Yes, you can try to get tickets on your own but in past years, attendees got emails with special codes to enter during the ticket request. Make sure you're one of them if you want to go. I'll do a special Conan post down the road to explain the process.

Oh - and really finally - I've been getting asked where all the offsites are. I know pickings seem slim so far this year. Bear in mind we still have more than a month to go and more events will be getting announced. But even if we do end up with an oddly low-event Comic-Con, I promise you will find plenty of things to go. It's not like you can ever run out of events, panels, tournaments or attractions at SDCC.

But if you're genuinely worried about this, you can always start your own event. Don't be passive - whether you want to arrange a small get-together of online friends or throw an actual bash for your specific fandom/hobby/lifestyle choice, be the change you want to see at the Con.

Stay tuned. More and more announcements are filling our world.


  1. We got Game of Bloggers I know your gonna be there!!! That Death is awesome I must have that!!!