What we know about Conan tickets

29 JUNE 2016

Don't get excited - I'm not about to reveal a secret door into Conan O'Brien SDCC tickets. But a lot of people seem to know only that Conan will be at the Con and are just kind of anxiously circling social media, waiting for an update.

What it's actually like to go

If it functions like last year: you'll wake up at daybreak and hurry to Spreckels Theatre to get in line. You'll have your e-ticket and photo ID. That's right, you can't just pass tickets around. You'll get a wristband at the box office and then you're free to do what you want. Timing for me last year: we walked up around 6 am and the line was already long. (Granted, I stopped for a bagel along the way.) I didn't actually have a ticket so I called the person who gave me his around 8:30 when the line started moving and he got the wristband then transferred it to me. It was a little after 9 by the time we finally got done with this part.

You'll head back up mid-afternoon and be let into the theatre. It'll all be over by 5:00-5:30, I think. Outside you'll be swarmed by desperate-looking people trying to buy your Conan Pop off you.

The seating is specific, FYI. There are also standby seats and I believe some people had success with that last year. Remember, competitive as this is NOW, a lot of people will choose actual Con activities when the day rolls around. So if you get shut out of tickets, you may still have a shot at going.

Overall: this was a time-consuming affair.  It wasn't just popping in and out in the late afternoon as I naively thought. So be prepared for that. If you don't mind rushing to Preview Night after, Wednesday could be the ideal day for this as you won't miss out on any panels.

Getting tickets

Onto what you care about. Tickets are free and you'll need to sign up to get the Team Coco notification. Last year there was a limit as to how many you could request - and even being quick on the draw wasn't enough to necessarily get the tickets. You'll need to be super vigilant about this.

The guests

Last year we didn't know which cast would appear on which day, though people were able to guess eventually. We know that Silicon Valley and Suicide Squad casts will be there this year; supposedly Conan will talk more about #ConanCon on his show tonight, Wednesday, 29 June, and maybe he'll share a few more details. Obviously people are dying to see The Walking Dead, Supernatural and Game of Thrones casts but it's a safe bet that any movie or show he features will be great.

So you've got your marching orders: sign up for Team Coco right now. Keep your ears perked for more information - and be ready to swing into action.

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