The Conan tickets are live & going fast

23 JUNE 2017

So much for our planned all-day vigil. Conan tickets went live before 9 am PST, with fierce demand pouring into the site.

It's still worth trying for a reasonable time. Request all 4 days, even if you know a certain day won't work. You can use those tickets to trade for a day that works better. And don't stress if your entry says "waitlisted" right after requesting - everyone's says that. You'll eventually get an email telling you if you have tickets or not.

But if you're coming into this later, you have options. You can start trying to find someone who got tickets for a day they can't use them or has extra tickets. You can always check with me since I usually know people with tickets. As we get closer to the Con, people will keep giving their tickets away - and you can always go standby.

Good luck.

ETA: In a classic CCI move, we got the promo code after the tickets went live. If you already put in your requests, you can edit them - log into your 1iota account and you'll see a list of your Conan requests. There's an option to edit each of them. Just put the promo code in the same spot with your Member ID.

ETA II: For those of you who are wondering why some attendees got an email with a promo code and you didn't, you have to accept third-party promotions in your Member ID account. Log in and you'll see if you have an X in front of it - if so, remove it. You won't be inundated with spam, if that's what you're worried about.

And don't freak out if you don't have the code. People have gotten tickets without it. But I would advise adding your Member ID to your request.

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