Conan tickets go live tomorrow

22 JUNE 2017

With barely any advance notice, we found out today that Conan SDCC tickets will go on sale tomorrow - Friday, 23 June 2017. To say this has surprised people is an understatement.

Last year tickets went live after 4 July, so this is a bit early. Conan does say "this Friday" in the video so let's assume that's correct and be vigilant.

Will we get emails tomorrow giving us a head start? We don't know. Previously SDCC attendees have been prioritized for the tapings, so hopefully that will continue.

Make sure you log into your 1iota account tonight and verify your password and other account information. Remember - the person who gets the tickets is the person who has to pick them up in person at Spreckles. So if you're trying to get tickets on behalf of someone else, keep that in mind. Otherwise you'll be dragging yourself out of bed the morning of the show.

If you're not familiar with the Conan tapings or getting tickets - this is for you.

I'll post what I know tomorrow. Talk to you then.

ETA: I did get a Team Coco email this evening but it didn't provide a special code. More will be revealed, I guess.

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